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It seemed sexy at the time. Kofi Commissions are open.

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Comment posted by screamindivr145 deleted Dec 27th, 2018

I have a couple of questions:

Why would a pony have a crush on a human? (If this is a self-insert, my family hasn't been royal for centuries, so there'd be less of a reason for the royal sisters to have a crush on me.)

How is dining with the royal family a perk of being an alien?

Aren't ovaries internal or are ponies' ovaries external?

And why do you say "her penis" rather than "her clitoris"?

Can you to more facesitting fics

Why did I read this as Dutch Van der Linde?

Oh well, there were worse way to spend a day than thinking about horsecock. More specifically, marecock.


You are suddenly a little disappointed that you didn't get to experience Luna's pussy last night. But that disappointment is far outweighed by the excitement of getting Celestia's.

Luna: "Are you implying my sister has an better pussy than me?! Next time we meet I will show you just how wrong you are... "

It is hard to tell, though, because your pants are soaked with Celestia's cum. So is the rest of the front of your body. Needless to say, your suit is ruined.

Or improved, depending on how you see it.

That facesitting is so hot!

You nod. "Of course! I enjoyed it too. I would love to do you again. Or your sister. Both of you at once, even."

Hope to see it.
Also wonder, do Luna and Celestia sucked each other?

I love marecock. Thank you for writing; very hot.:heart:

I love it too. And thank you for the compliment :heart:

I liked your comment, no worries

Thanks. Just out of curiosity, do you have any answers to my questions?

No offense, but does this ever occur in the real word or is this something unique to Fimfiction?

This guy is my fucking hero!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

"So the sex we're about to have now is because I think you're cute, not because it's my job."

Good enough.

Somehow it feels like her cunt welcomes it, drinking it all up.

It feels like, that, because that's exactly what's happening!

"Don't worry. After that, I'm definitely coming back. In fact, I think I'm going to keep you. You're mine now."

Possible sequel:
A three-way fight between horny ponies over the right to claim Anon her own. And he is the referee...

Absolutely want a sequel note that you've put that ,"your mine now" line in there.

Good shit my dude.

This man is living the dream.

This need a sequel.

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