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My pen, as a weighty blade, my mind an impassable aegis.


Number Eight preferred simplicity. She had a proficiency for business and logistics, and that served her well in the service. But nothing could have prepared her for the trials that awaited her on the other side of coordinate E-01.
Could she learn to handle feelings she'd never had before?
Could she make up for her failures?
Could she live at all?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 4 )

Prologue catch me. Gonna read it further.

“Sounds Ponussian, Nurse Redheart. She might be a refugee. From Stalliongrad…”

I have never seen such a pun (partly because there are not much stories about russian ponies), and me being Russian... Lmao, it was really funny for me. Ponussian...😂

As for the story - I am curious about all of this. So go on - write more. But don't rush.

P.S. Blue moon you saw me standing alone... Yep, definitely gonna be in my head for a whole day

P.P.S Blue Moon... I just checked tags and the lyrics of the song and... Idk, maybe its just me or you really did that? Theories... intrigue... investigations...

The unlit room. The loneliness. Her name. I did try to reference the song, I'll admit. I'm very glad you noticed. But her name is also a reference to the title of the series. And perhaps other things too if I can think of them.

Huh, would be funny if Blue will use word "blin" as a swear word (don't take that comment seriously, i'm jk)

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