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Aurora Fable


A Pegasus mare named Aurora F., and her Brother/Friend Dylan the chipmunk (or dill for short), both lived in the Crystal Empire as Freelancers. Aurora is known to be a Bostaff fighter in the streets Crystal Empire. Both Aurora and Dylan would do jobs for ponies when the task is too hard for them to do, like searching for something that was misplaced, or having to be someponies bodyguard. Aurora and Dylan both did these types of jobs together for a living; as well as bits to earn a good living. One day, they got an Anonymous job offer that required of them to leave The crystal empire. What Aurora didn't know is that the job was connected to her real family, and to a very powerful Organization.
This is the beginning of Aurora's journey to thee unknown.

(There is also mane 6 tags, but their appearances aren't seen that much)
"Anthro, alternative universe,and Griffin Tag" are also included

a personal note: this is my first story that I'm going to write, so expect bad grammar.

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Comments ( 2 )

Don't you mean Journey to the unknown?

The "Thee" is an actual word, it just comes from old English.
I originally had "the" but it didn't sound right so I just switched it to "Thee" instead.
Also, the "Thee" rolls off the tongue pretty well the more a say it in my head.
I hope this clears up any confusion.

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