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It all began thousands of years ago in some dark and smoky cave with a tale-teller chanting to his awe-struck tribe huddled around a sputtering fire. He told of strange beasts, angry gods, and dark magic afoot in a dangerous world. He embellished a bit too much, and technology was young. Nothing could be proven, so these stories became ghost stories.

But in a civilized Equestria, ghost stories are just for fun. Just for scaring fillies and colts on a Nightmare Night slumber party.

So, when an orange filly happens upon a book out in the everfree, she doesn't think twice about sharing its contents with her easy-to-scare friends. What she doesn't know, is that she didn't find a book. She found a journal. And it's not like any ghost story she has ever read.

A horror fic, or at least my attempt at one. Based heavily on the Slenderman legend, or at least my interpretation of it. There won't be any gore or sex, so don't think this is your typical "Oh, it's already rated R for being scary, lets just throw a few sex scenes in it" that Hollywood tends to lap up like a thirsty dog.

Have fun, and remember... Once you see him, it's already too late.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 342 )

Had to re-read. Just had to...

And best of luck for you with this! I'll be stalking here for sure.

1046485 Haha, I've read this chapter so many times I practically have it memorized. The next one is being written as we speak :rainbowdetermined2:


Great to hear that! Waiting can be hard. Luckily I found the skill of writing stories to yourself some years backdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra_dealwithit.png

Well, I'll be reading this later.

Also, what's up with this sudden surge of Slenderman fics? It's like a frickin' hivemind.

...or He's trying to warn us.

1046574 Haha I know, that's why I did this one. I'm trying to bring in a good one thats actually based off of the legend, and not the damn Slender game, or the Marble Hornet videos.

I think I have about three Slenderman/e stories in my favourites list right now but this one most certainly takes the metaphorical cake.
Have a like and a favourite and I eagerly await the next chapter :pinkiesmile:

I watch a ton of Slender vids on YouTube, so I come here and find a Slenderman fic. Kinda funny.

A lot better than what's been coming up lately.

1046581 Haha yeah, Slendermane, Slendermare. I prefer the original, however :rainbowwild:
1046590 You can never have enough Slender :rainbowkiss:
1046620 Thanks, man. That's my goal, to make one that's better than the rest.

Anything I could have said has already been said to the author... :moustache:

Except for that I need to get my flank in gear and finish the first chapter of my fic... :twilightsheepish:

ahh...good 'ol' Slendy. She's so screwed.


I agree with you. Many Slenderman fics coming.

Even I made one. But now I think I wont be publishing it for a while. There would be too many of these...

I gotta make a quick joke on this, however:

Quick! Find the 8 pages! That's probably missing from the journal!

1046674 Always watching. No eyes!


One twisted journal, I'd say.

1046630 I agree, but Slendy is creepy as fuck sometimes. :pinkiecrazy: Anyway, have a like, favorite, and moustache. :moustache:

1046708 Oh, I agree. I had dreams, (supposed) encounters, and all kinds of spooky stuff happen to me. Slenderman is nothing to shake a stick at.


The human mind is a twisted thing. You fear something? Your brains make sure that something ends up into your dreams...

And when it has been a while of that it will boot your imagination up. And that's when things get nasty. (ifuknowwhatimean):pinkiecrazy:

Seriously, reading about Slenderman in the late night hours (And playing Slender in the dark) managed to do creepy stuff to my brains. :derpyderp2:

1046735 Exactly, thats why slender man is so scary. Especially because his shape is so easy to just see everywhere. Like, look off into the distance. All it takes is one skinny black object with something white on top, and suddenly your brain switches into panic mode.


Yup. Seen and experienced. But not under the best circumstances, though.

Let's just say that it involved a two-day "forest-adventure" with my three friends, midnight airsoft, a creepy looking tree and an unusually hard panic-mode enable.

And it didn't make it easier when my friends kept on shooting at me while I ran... (They thought that I was trying to charge them.)


1046714 A stick? Hell, I wouldn't get near him if I him even if I had a sword. :rainbowderp: After the Slender videos I watched, the Internet went out. I remembered the static that appears in the game when you get close to him. For a while I thought he was in my house. 'If you look, he takes you.'

1046789 Haha exactly, and that sucks. Slenderman probably left you alone because he was laughing his ass off.


Lucky me...

Seriously, I got to hear about that for a while.

Well, ultimate revenge. The next time I took my laptop with me and started playing Slender. Well I didn't tell them about Slenderman and didn't show him in-game.

They obviously wanted to try. TFW Slenderman surprised them at the 5th note.


1046863 Muahahaha. Yeah, I was the first on of my friends to play Slender. I didn't even know what it was called, because someone else downloaded and ran it for me the first time. Then they left and I played it alone. Never again.

"Slenderman, Slenderman, all the children try to run. Slenderman, Slenderman...to him, its part of the fun." :pinkiecrazy:

I hate Slenderman. Not in a "loathe and despise" sort of way, in a "terrified beyond reason" sort of way. And honestly, its nice to see Slenderman show up here, instead of Slendermane. He just doesn't work as well in horse form; something about the arms, I think.

Of course, if you're playing by the "original" rules...well, I suppose its a good thing I'm not overly fond of Scootaloo or Applebloom.


I know that feel. MFW got surprised for the first time:

And as it was nighttime I was wearing my headset. Full. Bass. Boost. Master. At. 100. And. Volume. At. Full

1046574 The slender man is a scary story... or IS IT? DUN DUN DUN! No i'm just kidding... OR AM I? DUUUN!

Yeah, I hate him too. That's why he should be done justice in a fic for once. And yes, original rules. :pinkiecrazy:

1046819 i'm not going near is even if i have gun.

1046990 Gun? You could give me a rocket launcher and I wouldn't go out there.

1047022 Well, I believe Slenderman is probably uncatchable. He can teleport, disappear, mess with your mind, and all sorts of other tricks. It's not a matter of firepower, its a matter of encounter.

Well Done:ajsmug:
Realy enjoyable read, Adam.


You can go out into the forest and shoot everything that moves. But you won't hit him.

It takes intelligence, a great plan and just pure luck to defeat him.

Oh joy, another fic to scare me senseless. Yay.:yay:

1047034 I know. That's why I wouldn't go in the woods and take a rocket launcher, because I know it wouldn't work. I WOULD take a bunch of other people and a ton of flashlights. We would move as a group to find the 8 pages and get the hell out. If we split up however, he'd pick us off one by one, and the only way we'd know where he is is listening to where the screams are coming from. :pinkiecrazy:


I'd rather not do that either. When you go to the forest and get all the pages, he'll chase you down.

He knows where you live... :pinkiecrazy:

oooooh god... :twilightoops:
quite a gripping tale you've got here, sir. You know a scary story is good when it actually manages to make you uneasy. Kind of reminds me of the excellent story Slendermane on EQD. (you should totally read it if you haven't...) But anyways, this is really good and I have now faved this.

1047110 Indeed! :twilightsmile:
1047170 It managed to make you uneasy? It made me uneasy writing it too... but I thought that was just because Slenderman scares me senseless haha. I'll go check that out right now in fact.

1047130 He knows where I live? I'll invite him in for lunch! :pinkiehappy:


- "Ah, Slendy. Welcome!"

- Slendy adjusts his tie.

- "Well, come on in and have a seat. Dinner will be served soon."

- Slendy walks to your dining room and takes a seat.

- "What would you like as the main course?"

- Slendy would give you a devilish look if he would have eyes.

Im just saying, I was here before this got featured.

1048765 haha I'm hoping it gets featured. Thanks for your confidence.

This is great!

Being completely honest here, I was expecting this to be really bad. Oh how wrong you proved me! This is an excellent starting chapter; written well., believable intro, and doesn't give very much away.

I can't wait for more! Faved and Liked!

want more, i would say this is one of the most interesting slenderman tories i've read in a will. and cant wait for more. :moustache: :flutterrage::derpytongue2:


Seriously, a few more chapters and BANG! Featured box, meet AdamJensen.

I never asked for this.

1049811 Featured box, you should also meet Slenderman... where'd he go? Featured box, I'm gonna need to borrow 20$. *Featured box gives 20$* Here Slendy! I've got a nice 20$ bill!

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