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I am down for this. That's all I really have to say before actually reading it.

Damnit man. You very nearly made me cry!:fluttercry:

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I'm not going to say this is amazingly written. But there are some of us who actually like this stuff.

At the very least, I'm inspired. If you can publish something so embarrassingly personal, I feel like I can summon the courage to finish and post the stories I've had in my todo list for the last six months, even if I irrationally believe that nobody will like them.

I want to read this, But at the same time, I'm not sure if I do.

You present this fantasy with such sincerity and passion that I want to see where you go with it regardless of what does or doesn't appeal to my personal tastes. Down the rabbit hole we go.

I'm not into amazon, futa, or sissification...

But dammit if those chapter titles aren't epic.

"Assaulted by paragraphs". Gotta remember that one. :rainbowlaugh:

I am loving every word of this. Flash's family are complete dicks, but I'm glad Sunset is understanding and able to help him achieve what HE wants, not what THEY want.

Sissy/femboi Flash Sentry us my favorite thing to come out of this fandom in a long, long while. I can't wait to see how this goes!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I upvoted just to spite you, you meanie.
In all seriousness, though, I like the opening. It feels so melancholic, yet deliciously hopeful. I'll gladly read the rest of what you have here.

Soon, Sunset and Twilight's friends were gaining metaphysical abilities and every other weekend there was some bizarre phenomenon that they conquered or otherworldly villain that they combatted.

Magical Girl Flash Sentry when? :duck:

on one hand I'm always, like, a little hesitant whenever I see the words "sissificiation" or "futa" on anything because it is used to hurt lots of people. On the other hand I'm kinda just. Baffled. What.

I love this all so far and can't wait to see where it all goes


It skirts right past my interests but it's told in such an interesting way. I'm fascinated and can't look away. But I mean that positively. There's a lot of heart to this.

Edit: Wait, there's not another chapter? Aw...

While I'm officially hocked this Just keeps making me like and get more in to it with character .

Bacon. Bra. Blushing. Brushing?

No plot progression maybe but it was plot affirming. It confirmed with us what might happen. I noticed she denied him being wimpy but not being a sissy. More beginnings.

OMG this chapter had my heart betting like a drum ,I can't wait to see what happens next (No rush).

Great to see you continuing this one! Very cute/lewd chapter! Keep up the good work :heart:

In reflection, I thought about how we learned in the first chapter setup that Flash likes male genitalia but otherwise seems to like females. I think because of his outsider-ness with males, he's never really gotten to know that many and probably perceives them all as rough and scary.

I think if Flash learned that males can be charming, nice and sweet and even handsome, strong and cute, he'd find himself being bi with a preference for male genitalia. There's this period where 'boys are scary' a lot of people go through and that's when they want the 'safe', non-masculine, but undoubtedly male, type of partner. Then later one grows and realizes that most boys are actually quite affectionate and gentle in private. Or that when you get really looking males have their own, different, scale of handsomeness and charisma.

tl;dr: I think, realistically, Flash might have an awakening and realize he's bisexual if his "Prince" ever came. But that is not this story.

...picking the unsavory object up like he was at an Ethiopian barbeque.

I have several questions.

In any case, congratulations, Sunset. You have a house-elf. One that may in fact be the answer to the whole "losing your powers" issue. As for Flash, there's a certain innocence he still hasn't lost. Or he's just refusing to think along certain lines out of respect.

I found the depiction of polyamory to be quite on target.

Everyone who becomes polyamorous in their lifetime reaches that state through a slightly different path. Sometimes a person wants to date an additional partner, and finds that their first partner is actually willing to give them permission. Other times (closer to how this story goes) a pair of couples will get closer and closer until they decide to try swapping partners, or simply becoming a group.

A hivemind-type situation like what you have here is a little uncommon - especially when it is as large as seven people, and is fully connected. I've known people to try it at n=5, but remaining fully connected at that size is difficult. There will tend to be at least one pairing that doesn't extend beyond friendship.

All within range of suspension of disbelief, though, in the case of emotion-altering magic.

In many cases, polyamorous people do indeed designate one of their relationships as a "primary", as depicted by the Sciset and Rarishy ships shown here.

Others, like Pinkie Pie, just want to "know" all the ponies in Ponyville :raritywink:

Well, sure enough it's coming along at a Skirt's pace! I am both frustrated and happy you take your time.

I suppose each chapter is sort of working on introducing a new concept organically and it's only fair to give each concept it's time to be fully explained.

Fascinating. I've posited a sort of "Superconsciousness of Harmony" before, but not in a romantic context. This sort of mental alteration is equal parts intriguing and disturbing, but I guess if they're all enjoying it and not hurting anyone, it can't be too bad.

And other people being affected... This could go in several directions. Looking forward to finding out which.

This has me hyped and on the eage each chapter,it's like a drug i can't kick.

This just keeps getting better and better,Ihope he gets powers to.

"Figured you'd had gotten used to cuss words ages ago," Sunset said. "I distinctly remember high-school-me filling your ears with—"

"'Peevish bucking horseapples'?"
"In my defense, that is very strong language in Equestria."

The boi blinked. "Who...?"

"Right, sorry, we're supposed to disavow all knowledge of her ever since she got that internship in DC."

In all seriousness, that's some fascinating magibabble. Though I do worry how Flash will take the revelation. In his current state of mind, it'll be all too easy to frame this as the girls only wanting him for his magic. On the other hand, maybe contributing something meaningful will actually break the guilt cycle. I suppose we'll find out in time.

It's impressive that despite most of the fetishes in this story not really appealing to me, the world building you're doing is enough to keep me hooked. Bravo.

i'm not into sissy stuff at all, in fact it used to kind of freak me out. Yet I'm too interested in seeing what Skirts does with a concept to let that stop me. And Skirts is building some interesting concepts here to hang his fetishes on.

Ahhh this just one giant cliff hanger it drow me all the way in ,this going to drive me insane.😅😅😣😣😫😫😖😖

Es una historia interesante de leer en estas últimos días bien hecho. Casi nunca me engancha una historia para leer mas de dos días te felicitó. Lo leo en mi tiempo libre en el trabajo.

Seria extraño llevar esta historia a otro fetiche... Como ejemplo giantess, macro y micro... O el típico futanari...
Pero todo sea un sueño o pesadilla de flash de la diferencia de tamaño (amazon) de ser dominado.

Comment posted by bernabex27 deleted Jun 15th, 2019

It is an interesting story to read in these last days well done. I almost never have a story to read more than two days congratulated you. I read it in my free time at work. It would be strange to take this story to another fetish ... As an example giantess, macro and micro ... Or the typical futanari ... But everything is a dream or nightmare of the difference in size (amazon) of being dominated.

Something I've come to conclude lately: daily uploads is ultimately self-defeating. Yes, it's a very noble pursuit to write chapters and put them up every day, but in the end, as one's schedule grows more and more complicated, uploading chapters simply for the sake of meeting a quota will... fuck up the quality of a fic's pacing. This was a failing of the Austraeoh series. You can look back and see how the author got to the "finishing point of that evening" and left things for the next tiny installment. That's why I feel that, in the future of Skirts, regular uploads won't always be "daily" uploads. Sometimes quota has to take a step back for the sake of the story's actual delivery.

The philosophy behind this is good.

This story keep hyped for the next each and every time,I love it.

There's nothing quite this lovingly gentle and sincere and fetish-y at the same time. Other than maybe some of ShortSkirt's other stuff. It's such a unique scratch and now the spot it scratches itches. Doesn't help it's such a tease.
I'm not the only one to think Flash thought up Sunset's belittling because he did think fondly of that memory, right? Like maybe he enjoyed it?

Also I feel like by making them catponies Skirts missed out on him getting to ride on the back of Shimmerpony. Sidesaddle, of course. He would have certainly been the right size and build.

This is going to sound silly but what sold me on this Flash and made him feel less like an author Mary Sue was the prologue's description of him with the hairbrush handle. That's such a weirdly personal anecdote that doesn't make him more of a Mary Sue but just a curious kid who did something that probably felt shameful and silly. And weird, embarrassing childhood stuff is is relatable to most of us.

The eyes belonged to a housecat... only it wasn't a housecat.

It was merely the size of a housecat, and loved to cuddle.

Yeesh, given Flash's reaction, I can only imagine how Fluttershy handled seeing Sunset's pony form for the first time.

I do love a good mindscape journey, and this is a very good one indeed. Looking forward to seeing where they head next.

This was an adorable chapter. Great job! Kinda reminded me of the Persona series a little bit. The scene with mini-Flash and the girls was heart-warming.

Thwas beautiful and a litsad read it went straight to my heart,but I'm a little confused at the end,I hope to learn more and understand more of what h.(no rush)

You just keep making this cuter.
Also this is some next-level fetish deconstruction.

If she's a reflection of some inner princess-ness is the name like his 'princess name'?
Some kind of chosen girl name? Sea-blue hair... I guess you could consider that Flash's hair?

I'm looking forward to finding out the truth. I like being proven wrong. Especially when the truth is so much more interesting.

that other fic that nobody reads

Wait, why does no one read it?

I just... y'know... wanna get super deep into exploring Flash Sentry's head before we explore his anus.

:rainbowlaugh: Top lol

Flash Sentry watched the streaking stars, murmuring: “Do you hate sand? I hear it gets everywhere.”

:rainbowlaugh: Sick burn, especially against an alien horse who never saw the prequels and this doesn't understand the insult.

“At least in my dreams, I'm still wearing pants.”

Come on, Sinset, we both know you're wearing hipposandals at most.

And so we see the nature of the magic: a single, sublime moment of beauty. Of joy.

Of Felicity.

“Welcome back, Shimmercoders!” A slight chuckle, and she adjusted her headphones while smiling lavishly into the camera. “Isn't life great? Mine certainly has been as of late. Now... let's ruin that with some savage pwnage!”

Wow for those in the know are the only ones to get that pun

This was a sweet chapter,I hope he awakens to his magic and there true self(no rush).

Such a cute chapter. Can't wait to read more!

*Huh* It is Shimmercode. That makes more sense than Shimmer Cove with the opening like the way it is. I thought she meant in the 'mancave' kind of terminology.

This was a awesome chapter and he made such progress until Sunset knock and brought it back to 0.

He couldn't get out and dry himself fast enough.

Ooooh, so close! We'll get 'em next time. :twilightblush:

I like this story, I like to try to empathize with the characters and in a way I do with Flash here. I've known several people who were unsure about their sexuality, some guys I knew even considered... Shall we say, extreme measures? As in the sort best left for surgeons? So my heart does go out for this little guy, and I've got my fingers crossed that all goes right for him soon. Nobody is making him suffer right now but him.

I shall eagerly yet patiently await the next update. Keep going strong!!!!!!!

Sorry I don't comment much. That only thing I really have to say though is that I tried the showering in the dark thing after the last chapter and it was a little relaxing the first time after mowing the lawn in the heat but the second time at 2am last night was terrifying for some reason kept feeling phantom hands in the shower spray and seeing faces with my eyes closed.

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