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Two young lovers are starcrossed, however, they know nothing of it. The Crystal Empire, dubbed as the Kingdom of Love, is where the two souls meet. Yes, Flash Sentry might have some experience with mares, but has nothing to show for the Princess of Friendship, the Element of Magic. Not because he knows it's wrong, it goes against both law and tradition, but because she makes him nervous.
Twilight finds this certain Guard to be fun to be around, likes him, but doesn't know his name. While he is an awkward fellow, she knows the two of them could never be together. But when she moves on him first, it's hard for the simply far too modest Flash Sentry to deny they love each other. She finds he gains confidence, as well as new fears, and doesn't want to disappoint her.
As much as they know it's wrong, they cannot stay apart, and struggle with handling different events, as it appears every single mare in Equestria adores Flash. And that's not all he has to worry about.

Okay. Before you guys dig into what I have here, please do read The Order by Bad_Seed_72-no, I am not sponsoring it, nor am I paid to do this- and the sequel to it, as I drew some inspiration, probably the most from that one single-handedly. And for those who read this story early, yes, I am planning to add a lot. Not everything might appear in the desription above as does the story, which you all need to understand slightly. If you all want me to, I can push out the first ten chapters immediately, which I could do.

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May want to proofread that description.

I did a quick skim over this, and I fixed my previous first/third person narrative fluctuation problems that I had.

You should go over this chapter again, cause there are still some pronoun mistakes left.

Yeah, I know. Hasty, yes, but it gets better with newer chapters I've written. Trust me.

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