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A frightened dog lost in Equestria. He's definitely not in Kansas any more. Can he find the courage to face this new world on his own? A story featuring everyone's favorite pink pooch!

Chapters (3)
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I am now hooked to this story (keep it going pls)

Didn't this story used to have more chapters?

I've been waiting to see someone do a crossover of these two show!

Wow, the introduction trully felt like a real Courage episode... Interesting idea for a story. There are plenty of weird, scary or outright monster stuff in Equestria to keep the poor dog entertained.

Oh man, you really captured the spirit of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Eustace (with all his petty selfishness), Muriel, Courage felt in character.

I wonder how Courage will come to terms with Equestria.


9320893 He'll clearly meet ALL THE MONSTERS and be scared witless. :twilightsmile:

...PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE FINISH THIS STORY!!!! Ahem, sorry but my nostalgic side is in absolute bliss, you perectly captured the feel of the cartoon and I simply MUST know what happens next! Er, in your own time of course :twilightblush:

I have to back up other people and say you nailed the tone of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Reading it took me right back to watching the show. Some things in Equestria Courage would love and other things would be whole new things to fear.
I wonder if Fluttershy will understand him?

I am eagerly awaiting to see how this goes.

This is well written. I like how you catured the pacing of a Courage episode. lol remember when cartoons aired two eleven minute episodes during one 30 minute time slot? Commercials were kept under 8 minutes? I'm very curious to see where you will go with this. I hope Fluttershy makes friends with Courage. ^^

finally a good courage the cowardly dog fic has arisen.

still, you my friend have done the most spot on descriptive way a fic could be written with one of my most favorite shows to date.

-Happy Hunting:pinkiehappy:

YIPPIE! I found it finally!!😀

OMG IT's soooo much better than i thought👏👏

I am so happy to have found and read this and am awaiting more eagerly


Finally someone makes a Courage crossover with MLP.

I am so hoping for Fluttershy to be friends with Courage as I bet they’d get on so well.

man this reads like an episode of courage.

No, just no. I can see this piece of trash fic boiling over into the bowls of hell's stupid district. Why the hell would anyone choose to read this potential piece of waste is beyond me. The plot premise is bogus, being sent through a TV. Eustace isn't even captured right pulling out his mask or Murial whacking his dumb ass. Also, WHERE ARE THE SHAMELESS INSERTS OF JOHN DILL?! Everyone knows a counterfeit piece of mess from a glory fic of Courage by the genunine seal of a Dill appearance! This fic shames the Courage fanbase, and anyone who disagrees has never appreciated the show to begin with!

I...can't quite tell if you are being serious or not, but either way might I suggest a therapist? :applejackconfused:

It's been years since I watched CtCD, but I could hear the characters voices in my head as I read their lines so much nostalgia.

I am glad to see that I am getting a wide range of feedback. Tell me what you like to see and I will continue to provide it. Conversely, tell me where my shortcomings are and I will work to improve upon them. I honestly don't care how harshly you bring it across. If you see something, say something. Looking back on some of my other work, I will be the first to admit that I had no idea what I was doing when it came to writing. Feedback from the readers helps me figure out whether changes I made were beneficial or detrimental. For instance, short simple responses like "this is good" or "this is garbage" are a form of feedback, but what specifically about it is good or bad? According to our friend from behind the Iron Curtain, I neglected to mention some of the characters' more iconic traits or the John Dilworth easter eggs, quite a unique feature from Courage. For him, it detracted from the immersion and made it seem like a "counterfeit piece of mess" (#23). In my opinion, if my work can hold its own against the likes of our Kremlin-dwelling comrade, perhaps it can be improved to weather worse. If not, take it as a sign that it just couldn't measure up to his high standards.

Regardless of the amount of praise or critique I receive, more of it in either extreme is always more useful to me than a soundbite or string of icons. I encourage any and all to take their best shot at my work. This is not an invitation for abuse, but a reminder that only through letting me learn from my mistakes can I reach for the gold standard in writing.

Well in any case thank you for the chuckle :ajsmug:

I dunno what to make of this one, but if I had to be short and blunt, I'd say you're trying to be a smartass. Whatever the intention, I gave my two cents, take it or leave it. *shrugs* Meh...

You seemed disheartened, dissapointed you failed to incite a flame war? Oh well better luck next time comrade :ajsmug:

Oh I don't start flame wars, what I used is too low quality. I DID start a mini flame war by adding this line to one of my comments on a different story. "And for the fanboys, don't bother commenting, your opinion does not matter and is unwanted." This statement started a flame war, as well as making my comment get so many downvotes. Such little entitled devils, fanboys of trash fics can be...

*Hides my devil horns and whistles inconspicuously* I have no idea what you are talking about :scootangel:

Oooo!!! Courage is the best dog ever. Gave up happiness to save another dog. What a good- no. The best dog ever!

Very in character for Courage, that I can easily praise. The grammar, barring some small, easily missed mistakes, is relatively well done. Sentence structure, however, needs some work. I am enjoying the story so far and I deeply loved Courage the Cowardly Dog when I was a kid, and I still enjoy it today.

You've caught my attention, dear writer. Do try to keep it.

Ohhh I am so happy to see a new chapter is up, and such a touching one at that, this got me right in the feels :fluttercry:

Seriously, it is fascinating seeing all of this from the perspective of Courage. Sure WE may know that most of the ponies aren't as bad as Courage thinks, but I can also clearly see how for someone as timid as he is, even cute little ponies can be scary.

The laugh I got drom picturing Courage making a hole in the wall of Applejack's barn was just icing on the cake. I do agree a bit more editing wouldn't hurt, but I am genuinely delighted to see this get updated. Thank you :twilightsmile:

Once again Courage shows why he is such a good dog. :pinkiehappy:

Quick question Courage has seen MLP both in color when he and Muriel were watching it and in the barn in B+W on the old TV so how come having watched it he doesn’t know who these ponies are?

A fair question, my theory is he may have only seen enough of an episode or two to recognize one or two characters. Given Muriel's comments in the first chapter it's more likely he might at least recognize Pinkie Pie.

Plus its one thing to watch something on TV and quite another to experience it first hand. The author seems to be suggesting that Courage filters most of what he sees through a considerable amount of dread and assuming the worst case scenario. But this is just my two cents :twilightsheepish:

Well Spike, now you are going to live what Courage lives all the time, all the monsters he fought he will show his way to protect the girls or his name is not clotilda. And it's not. LOL

Thank you for another great chapter today XD

Glad this is back.

I wonder who will be the Eustace of Equestria.

Awesome to see a story of one of my childhood shows being cross over. I hope we get to see many of the monsters from the show come.

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