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So in this story the Season 3 Finale never happened, huh?

Jest #2 · Nov 30th, 2018 · · 2 · Rarity ·

You got it.

Jest #4 · Nov 30th, 2018 · · 1 · Rarity ·

Because that's more or less what the entire premise of the story is hinged on...

Apparently so, Ze1a7in. But... fetish title? Or too soon to judge? I won't. However, you could use some proofreading. Dialogue works differently in the case of commas. It allows a visual and mental break of the speaking to take place, which helps the story balance and feel more... professional? I guess. However, I do like this story. I may read the rest. Keep going, my friend!

I am seriously scratching my head in confusion. One, how anyone could just write something like this without considering his/her own mental health, much less anyone they know finding out about this. Second, how literally everyone who does these seems to like the detail. Seriously, there's already a website for that shit. I can't thumbs up, nor thumbs down, but... I'm done reading this fetish themed stories. I'm fourteen, so I am naturally uncomfortable, awkward, and quirky, but this makes my mind explode. God save my soul. And hope he does yours, Jest.

It was a commission dude, chill.

Shouldn't be reading this if you're 14


I'm fourteen

You shouldn't even be here.

I know. I had a shit ton of caffeine in my system, and was up at nearly eleven at night. I was... looking around. I guess.

There's a mature filter you should definitely put on. Like now. As I'm pretty sure that the rule/law states that if you publicly state that you are underage, you really shouldn't be here.

so what kind of demons are the mane five turn into?

Did Rainbow Dash turn into Venom?

lol I kid, love this particular chapter overall, and I eagerly await what happens to the rest of the characters.

Damn that was a good chapter

I approve of fluttersmooze.

I love this story so much. Please write more! :twilightsmile:

The story is already semi complete and up on patreon, I will be updating here when its done, which will be roughly a new chapter every week.

I like this chapter. Never thought you would go with memory alteration for Applejack.

Applejack laughed out loud. “Of course not! Why in Equestria would I try and forget the mare a my dreams?”

Did you mean "Mare of* my dreams?"

so aj basicly got venom suit?

I don't even know what I was expecting...

The way Pinkie was so consensual though... Still enjoyed it and still one of my favorite fics. :twilightsmile:

I'm lovin it. Keep on writing!

I'm afraid thats it for this story, just forgot to add the complete tag.


A cliffhanger? God I hate those... Do you think you could make a sequel or are you going to work on other stories?

Other stories im afraid

Despite her plees, the windows returned, this time there were hundreds if not thousands of them from every part of her life.

Isn't it "pleas?"

Huh, you seem to be getting it's and its mixed up. The former is purely a contraction for it is, while the latter is a possesive.

I don't what it says about me that I have a bookshelf for dark clop.

Yeah I accidently set it so that it auto corrected from one to the other. Didnt notice untill it was too late.

you just took sunsets storyline and applied it to twilight but did it a different way

Demon😈 vs. Lovecraftian Horror in a cute pink package:pinkiehappy:
I like it!

can we have a sequel plssssss. I would love to read twilight transforming celestia :moustache:

Well, patrons get a monthly chance to request stuff like sequels. Other then that you can always commission a sequel. I'm afraid to say thats the only way a sequel will be made this day. As I simply dont have the time today. (Or for the next month at least.)

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