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Future Light

Hello! My alias is actually Save, but my OC is named Future light! And yes, I drew the picture myself, if you see it on amino you can even ask the user if we are the same person, lmao.


Twilight Sparkle was always dedicated to studying, and as a foal, she always loved the legends and stories of the old and ancient unicorns.

One in particular, she always loved, because it just felt so right when she looked at it.

The book she got the story from was called "To find a Soulmate".

Legends say that unicorns or and alicorns can feel their soulmates magic from miles away.

It's supposed to be quiet, in the back of your mind, you're so used to it, you don't even acknowledge it.

Until you meet them , of course.

The feeling is supposed to get 100 times stronger, so strong, in fact, it's as if you had a second heart.

Twilight dreamed of the day she would meet her soulmate , but she didn't think she actually would.

She didn't even except the fact that he was not a pony at all.

PS. yeah, I made the cover image-

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Well, it's an interesting concept, though a bit odd for me because I always thought the idea of soul mates was sill, but meh that's just my taste. That being said the concept seems to have caused a pacing issue. It lacks the usual finding of one's soul mate one would expect and leaves out the potential conflict of denial. You're spelling and grammar is more than adequate, I don't recall seeing anything wrong there so that's a big plus. All-n-all it's got potential I'll keep an eye on it.

Another thing; I never realized when I started Imperfect this ship would become so popular so fast.

Hmm... I guess they kind of are in this story... and I guess in cannon Thorax is kind of awkward like Twilight, maybe that's why this ship has taken off so fast.

Yes, I always did have a problem with stories that should take longer to develop, haha, but I'm trying to improve :twilightblush:

Also I'm glad to see that my grammar is good! Since I'm not a native speaker .

Also, I love your story! :twilightsmile:

And how does Thorax's brother feel about all of this?

Thorax gulped “Well, you see- I found out- When I was talking to Twilight- err-” “Oh for Celestia's sake, just say it! I'm not going to bite your head off if you do!” His brother yelled, making Thorax lose the nervousness for only a moment, and he blurted out “Twilight and me are SoulBound!”

Not sure if a Changeling would use the term "Celestia's sake."

I wasn't sure what to use, but I didn't want to use Chrysalis (For obvious reasons) and I'm fairly sure Pharynx wouldn't use Thoraxes name in that sentence "Oh for Thoraxes sake"..haha

eh... I feel like there was a drop in quality for this chapter. I find that you give unnecessary exposition about things that aren't really relevant to the plot, while at the same time not elaborating on things that should be better explained.

Also, don't have two or more characters talking in the same paragraph, it just gets confusing. I'll keep reading because I'm interested in how this will turn out.

Yeah, I kind of half-assed this chapter because I was so tired and was frustrated with my lack of creative thinking , I'm not a very experienced writer but I'm such a sucker for romance that I can't help but write it, haha, I'm going to try my best to make the next chapter better!:twilightsmile:

its been more than 3 months ... when is the next update?

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