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Zac Miller is a normal college student, with a normal interest for My Little Pony. In no way shape or form did he think that his interest would turn into a means of throwing him into a deadly adventure, when Fluttershy and the rest find themselves in his world. How will Zac find a way to get them home, and why are they here? Guess he'll have to put his college exams on hold for now.

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Comments ( 6 )

seems like this could be a good story will have to keep an eye it :twilightsmile:

Thanks very much. I won't disappoint!

question is is it just the mane 6 that are on earth.... god help us all if Lyra shows up

I guess you'll have to wait and see. :ajsmug:

“Where did I see him before...” I muttered as I walked home. The day went by fast, and I was walking back home to my lovely abode. The man’s face kept showing up in my head. I saw him before, I just couldn’t place a name. I shrugged as I listened to the song “The Legend You Were Meant To Be”. It was a good song, and yes it was from MLP: FIM.

That's a song from the 4th Equestria Girls movie "Legend of Everfree"

nice cant wait to see what happens next :D

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