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After being sent by Celestia to investigate Starswirl's old lab and study, Twilight finds a book and many mirrors in front of her. After reading the book she discovers that the mirrors lead to other dimensions. But why is one of them broken?

Other tags: Solar flare/ Nightmare star

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Solar Flare was never anything more than a fannon name for Celestia's dark side. So of course she wasn't given a tag. Same with Nightmare Star, even if she was in the TCG.

I know, but there is no Solar flare stories, so I said "hey, why not write one"

Isn't Solar Flare the name of Sunburst's mom? Why not use the canon Daybreaker name instead?

Should be “my sister and I”. x2

“... the location of”, not to.

Twilight was in awe of what the princess told her. ==> Twilight was awestruck.

"On that map has the location of Starswirl's lab." ==> “This map has the location of Starswirl’s lab.” OR “the location is marked on this map.

"I won't let you down and I will make sure to tell you what I find." ==> i won’t let you down. I’ll be sure to tell you what i find.

If its the princesses you ought to tripple check your grammer.

Nightmare Star is best alternate Celestia.

Yay, another Twilight & Evil Celestia story!

yep, this story has Solar flare, an evil version of Celestia that is far more ruthless and destructive than Daybreaker is.

Not thrilled with how the mane 6 and Luna are handled so bye

This type of thing isn't everyone's cup of tea.

while there are a few grammatical errors and a couple of places where your choice of words seems a bit odd, overall I truly enjoyed your story and I can't wait to see where you go with it. It's always seemed a bit rude to simply leave a list of errors as a comment, at least when the author hasn't asked to have any mistakes pointed out, but if you'd find it useful I could PM you a list of the errors I did notice.

I have ADHD, so it is really hard for me to focus on something for long periods of time and finding errors is the hardest for me. It would help me a lot if you PM'd the errors to me.

So... Are Solar flare/Nightmare star and Daybreaker the same person?

No. Daybreaker is the Nightmare version of Celestia, while Solar flare is a version of Celestia from an alternate dimension.

To answer your question, I might not ever update my stories again because people have been PMing me, putting me down and belittling me. They tell me 'I'm not good enough' or tell me that 'I should stop writing because I can't write at all'. There's more but I'd be here all day listing every reason why I should stop writing.

I did my best to ignore them and continue on with my stories, but they just kept coming. There is only so much one can take before they finally quit, and I'm at my breaking point. I also suffer from 3 separate types of depression, making it so much harder for me to ignore this.

I am clinging to a very small thread that is just about to break and I don't know what to do. I'm sorry that I may never update again. It pains me that I might let down all the people that enjoy my work. I will try to update this but I won't make any promises.

well i'm soo sorry that people have to be dick asses and put others down ... if people don't have anything nice to say well DON'T say it at all ... ok constructive criticism is ok along with spotting grammar errors but what their doing i view it as bullying and maybe even cyber bullying especially when your DMing it to others ... that's just low ... do they not have anything better to do than give out put downs ... but i get where your coming from ... i know its hard to see the light when a few bad can dim the light easily ... with that said if ya decide not to update i'm fine with that ... at least don't do what other users do an put on hiatus forever instead mark it as canceled ... Thanks

PS: i'm bad at English so i'm bad at spotting errors sometimes but if their saying that your a bad writer well instead of a bad comment or worse a DM to you maybe they should offer to help you so you can become a better writer and improve ... its like people don't care about the golden rule: Treat Others how YOU want to be treated

Ignore the haters. This story has my attention and I would like to read more.

Haters are like ants ignore them and they will go and pleeeeeeeeeeasseeeeeeeeeeeeee continue

This was soo good wish you continued

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