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Comments ( 5 )

nice little story, thanks :) is there more to come?

already red them lol but thanks, also just out the blue. you had any thoughts on trying to do an epilog for marked, sorry to ask its just i really liked that story & would really like to see more between Spike/ Rarity & having Kull & Coaline meet & talk to spike/vistit ponyville would be a nice, all the same tho, thanks for the stories :)

WOW just looked didnt know it was that old lol still good tho :)

sure why not. bonus epilog coming :pinkiehappy:

well you havnt just made my day but week lol(maybe even xmas) so thanks if you could throw in some spike/rarity romance/ them dating would love it lol maybe even letting spike know about him marking rarity, could be cute(cant believe i just used that word hahaha):pinkiehappy:

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