• Published 21st Nov 2018
  • 1,435 Views, 81 Comments

Someone Else's Paradise - Green Supernova

The world ended in a blink of an eye and a fresh college graduate is transported into the world of My Little Pony. He awakens with an arm brace telling him his stats, almost like he's in a Role-Playing Game.

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well dale, this is shin megami tenshi a series known for being very hard.
Don't let the equestrian tone fool you from the difficulty.

on the bright side you have a new party member with a multi-cast spell along with a debuff. Just need a healer and your pretty much set with an empty slot for a fourth party member.

Boss battle! Readyyy...FIGHT!!!

Without giving away too much; Alignments mean a lot to the story and how it will end. I already have an ending picked out for the story, but have had thoughts on writing "What if" scenario's for the alignment endings that I don't show.

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