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One day, Trixie finds Starlight Glimmer eating a Pineapple Pizza. The end result are two ponies enjoying some time together over a pizza topping some call an abomination of a topping.

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Pineapple on pizza is bad ?

Also, I can see Starlight and Trixie enjoying some good, post-show pizza.

It's more to poke a bit of fun at the hatred towards Pineapple Pizza. Besides, I'm not as fond of Pepperoni. XP

Is this story inspired by this video?:

Not really. IT was more inspired by the whole Starlight Glimmer loves Pineapple Pizza meme going on.

In that video, she use those knives to cut the pineapple into pieces onto the pizza and eat it.

Huh. I never knew hatred towards pineapple on pizza was a thing.

And yes, most pepperoni is cheap and sucks.
I avoid it too nowadays.

I believe there was this a post on the internet that never got popular and it was the creation of a pizza with pickles.

This story is both starage and rather wonderful.

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