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Never really interested in MLP, then curiosity hit me and I got on board. Go to my Fanfiction account to see more stories.


Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for a while now, he's faced a lot for a teenager that's still in high school. Facing some of the worst things New york has to offer, ranging from simple muggers to bigger problems. But now things are about to get to a whole new level of big as he gets transported to another one filled with taking, multi-colored, magical ponies and meets this world's champions, the Mane 6.

While things may seem to be rather calm, considering where he is, a hero's job is never done. For he's not the one that ended up in this world of, and this one is one of the biggest threats our friendly neighborhood web-slinger has faced since he first started his heroics.

And to make matters worse, this villain has allied himself with one of this world's most dangerous enemies, Queen Chrysalis.

Now, comes the time for The Amazing Spider-Man to unite with the Mane 6 and save Equestria from a threat that is endangering the balance of harmony.

*Currently being rewritten with changes.

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Congrats! You get a like.

Thank you. Oh and don't forget to vote on the voice actor playing Spidey and the villain that should appear in the story. Doc Ock or Goblin.

I'll take the voice of Robbie Daymond (Marvel's Spider-Man 2017)

And for the Spider-Man villain?

That was a good opening. got the girls reactions down right, and Spidey's persona perfect

Thank you. For the vote of Spidey's voice and the villain appearing, what would it be?

9537156 Tom Holland (MCU Spider-Man). And Doc Ock Ultimate

"No one home. Man, I hope it's the right place and not a dead end. Or a trap, 'cause that suck." he said to himself before lowering himself down to the ground.

'cause that would suck

"In that case let's make the most of the day. Anyone want to try a mufcake?" she asked while presenting said thing that looked like a mix between a cupcake and muffin, making the rest look confused at her.

"It's a little thing I've been working on by combining a cupcake and a muffin. Not only is it for breakfast, but it's also like eating desert!" she said with a squee smile.

"It's a little thing I've been working on by combining a cupcake and a muffin. Not only is it for breakfast, but it's also like eating desert!" she said with a squee smile.

sorry, who is she? i'm guessing pinkie but that needs verification in the sentences

"I think the explosion came from the Everfree Forest." Twilight sated "Let's try there and see if there's anything out of the ordinary." she suggested and the group began making their way to the said forest.

Inside the Everfree Forest, Spidey was laying on the ground, with twigs and leaves covering him, groaning in pain "That... was weird." he said to himself as he sat himself and looked around "What the-" he then got up to his feet "This does not look like Central Park." he noted before pulling out his phone "No satellite connection. Must be all these trees." he told himself as he looked to a tree "So let's try the old fashion way." he stated before jumping on the tree and began crawling it up rapidly.

needs an indication that there was a scene change, also Spidey?

"Multi-colored talking horses?! Well that's something new." Spidey thought to himself "Either I hit my head to hard or this is one of Mysterio's tricks. Nah. Can't be. Beck's in prison. And even if he wasn't, this would be a little too much for him. It look's more like I'm in a 1980's girl's cartoon or something. I really hope I haven't gone crazy and this is just a weird dream. he thought Either way, I better just back away and not get in their way. Last thing I wan't to do is bring them into my problem. he began backing away and was about to leave, but stopped "But on the one chance that this is real and not some twisted thing from my imagination or a crazy stunt to drive me insane, I could use help. Plus if they run into trouble they might need my help. he pondered. It was then his train of thoughts were interrupted by a disgusting smell.

Spidey is still throwing me for a loop, and want not wan't

"What?! Is he nut? That feller won't stand a chance with those things." Applejack stated.

this got a laugh out of me, it's nuts

"Who wants to continue the picnic." Pinkie asked, only to receive funny until a voice spoke up.

i'm not even sure what that means, like, did they laugh? if so then it would go "only to receive laughter"

"Someone's in of an ego check." the web slinger muttered, earning a glare from the light blue pegasus.

Someone's in for an ego check

"Okay." the hyperactive pony said before bouncing off, leaving Spidey confused.


"Really? Thank." he said before realizing something "Wait, you're a princess?" he asked

it's thanks when it's by itself, thank only when it's followed by a you

this was fun, just to clarify i nitpick out of love if that makes any sense :scootangel:
i vote for Green Goblin to be the villain, and i'm not sure about voice actors

Thanks for the review and for the correction. But don't blame me, I finished the story late and didn't have time (or wanted) to do a check for errors.

And it's appreciated for the villain vote, keep thinking on the voice actors though.

P.S. what was your issue with the "Spidey" thing anyway?

you are welcome, and I'm just not use to him be referred to as that in written works and this often I suppose

I liked it, keep going buddy!

Tom Holland and Doc Ock Ultimate Spider-Man.
Just one question. You're not going to add Drake Bell to the list?

Okay, and no for Drake Bell. I never really liked him as Spidey. I like the way he portrayed in Avengers earth's mightiest heroes, it was terrific, but I hated it in Ultimate Spider-Man where he did the fourth wall breaking and made Spidey sound somewhat dim. I'm sorry if you're a fan of him, it's just a personal preference.

No worries. I guess all wanted to know why. I'm actually not opposed to you not putting Bell on the list. You're right though. Most of the time he acted like an idiot, but during hero missions and any scientific situations, he showed some intelligence. But I can't imagine what it would be like if he met Pinkie Pie.

Ironman: Here's your official Avengers ID card.
Spider-Man: uhhh...can I get discounts with this?
Hawkeye (I think): *to Tony* Are you sure about this?
I guess this is one example of how stupid he can be.

Also another thing.If you use Tom Holland is he going to actually have any access to his Spider-sense?
I remember in Homecoming, he got beat up a lot. Made me think that the writers didn't want Peter to possess a Spider-sense. He had everything you'd expect from Spider-Man, but I never really saw his spider-sense being activated in dangerous moments

Thanks, for the moment he got the card it was in Avengers earth's mightiest heroes and it was Tony who asked that question to Thor and Captain America. It was after the New Avengers defeated Kang the Conqueror.

And yeah, he did sound pretty dim at times. And I really didn't like his humor in Ultimate Spider-Man, it was really bad. Like, wanting to die bad.

As for Tom Holland Spidey, he does have a Spider-Sense. Remember in Civil War where he sensed Ant-Man on the shield he caught and the bench that Winter Soldier threw at him (only to throw it back:rainbowlaugh:). In Homecoming, he sensed Shocker attempting to hit him at the back of the head on the Ferry, and he sensed a guy coming from afar too before shooting a web grenade at said crook. In Infinity War his Spider-Sense was implied three times:
1. On the bus where he turned his head to see the Q-ship
2. Before the Guardians attacked (Peter: Something is coming)
3. Right before he turned to dust (Peter: Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.)
So yeah, Holland Spidey does have a Spider-sense. The reason he's not that much of a good fighter was mostly due to his young age, inexperience, excitement and being distracted. Also, in that version's Spider-Sense appears to be linked to his senses, which is why it wasn't so useful during the fight with Vulture on the beach in Homecoming.

Will the Spider-Man you're using be a better fighter? I guess I interpreted those scenes differently. But yeah, I certainly remember when he was on the bus. The other scenes, like I said I misinterpreted for something else.

So to quote a certain super soldier, Spidey's humor was "bad, real bad, like Odin's beard bad"?
More annoying than funny.

Yeah, I will be using a better fighter, but not "a better fighter" like the one from the PS4 Spider-Man game where he's a master hand-to-hand combatant with years of experience. He will be a teen hero that can give a decent fight with a mix of actual moves and improvisation, though he will still make some mistakes at certain places of course. Think of it as similar to The Spectacular Spider-Man or the 2017 tv series.

As for the humor, if that brings any consolation, it will be more similar to the one of The Spectacular Spider-Man and MCU. Also, a very important note, I will try to make funny moments like in the MCU movies or actually human moments that you would expect to happen in real life.

Can't wait for more dude, keep up the great work.

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