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The sequel to Home Sweet Home Which in itself was a sequel to Make Love Not War Atom learns that life isn't always a joke, as she goes to face off with her past and her future. Atom Return's to Manechester after nearly ten years of being gone. She faces a multitude of trials. The most difficult is reconciling who she was with who she is.
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I this going to be the first trilogy from a Fallout Equestria story.

Nope this is the last one I'm making of Atom Smasher given she's not my character and Hahatimeforponies has been really generous already to let me write not one but two stories using her.

Good start to the story. I really think she wanted a third foal not just because she likes being a mother, yet she wants a Pegasus foal. Will you be adding more to the story in the future?

Working on Chapter 2 but am full time student and part time worker not a lot of time.

Keep on improving yourself. Thank you for the update.

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