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Well that was unexpected. But good! Twibra!

Thank you! To be honest, I did what I could to make this story enjoyable for readers to like.

Why did you make this porn and only one chapter long? It seems better if it weren't.

Thought it was gonna be rape, but was pleasantly surprised, nice job.

Part two... please? :applecry:

Before I potentially read this, what fetish is it, exactly?

Here are the fetishes: breast groping, disembodied cock, impregnation, sex, cum, corruption.

Yeah. I thought the picture probably fit the narrative of the story. I didn't want to pick something that didn't fit the overall plot (no pun intended) as to what occurs between Twilight and Sombra. :twilightblush:

I wouldn't have wanted to put that in the story. Even though it came close, I tried to minimize it to where it is just sex and not rape. Seriously, I am sort of a moderate when it comes writing sexual fics, so I try to not get carried away on certain aspects of writing a clop fic. Thanks for reading the fic by the way! Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Rapey corruption or pleasant corruption?

Alright, thanks for answering! As long as it's pleasant for both parties, in the end, that's good!
You may want to be careful about that double negative you wrote though~

Felt kind of rushed, but decent all the same. :moustache:

You know... I felt this story needs a sequel. Like... what happens after this.


Ya your right

I think there is to way this can end. good or bad



I need to apologize for not having responded when both of you read this story.

There is a chance that I might make a second chapter to this story due to me having reviewed the comments and the amount of likes some of them have gotten in support for what they believe deserves another chapter.

I have had plans to branch out in this universe to maybe explain what possibly led to Ember in doing what she did in the nightmare Twilight had that Sombra gave her. Same includes in what happened to Cadance and Shining Armor. Same implies on what became of Sombra in terms of the aftermath of getting what he wanted from her. That one might be a chapter one where there is speculation on if that story either went good or bad.

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