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Rainbow Dash has gotta collect the friendship stones but what happens when she doesn't find them though tune in to

First Published
6th Aug 2011
Last Modified
29th Nov 2011

All expectations met.

um... where do I even begin? The story is structured amazingly bad... :unsuresweetie:

I laughed so hard at the spike line!

"Spike materialized in the room and then disappeared, so the writer can claim he was in the story and get an extra tag on the blog. "

Bravo sir, Bravo. *slow clap*

Is this what you call writing?

On second thought... Dash is pretty hilarious... In a wierd way.


You made Fluttershy want to kill a small animal...:flutterrage:

Haha, I heard MicTheMicrophoneZero do a dramatic reading of this. Hilarity ensued. Beautiful writing. :rainbowkiss:


This is brilliant; much lulz where had from this story.  I am tracking in the hope that you will grace us with more of your literary prowess.

"Rainbow did another flip into next paragraph..." So begins one of the best sentences in the English language.:pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash, your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens! I mean the roof of Sugarcube Corner! ...And possibly my preconceptions of logic and story structure!

The thing that pains me most about this story is the fact that it isn't the worst written entry on the site.

I don't even know where to begin...

This is one of the funniest things I've ever read on this site.  You get +1000 internets and however many muffins you can eat in one hour.

I don't speak Applenese. I only speak Japanese.


Who's that beautiful lady?:twilightsmile:

>>40895 *Cue music to "Pinkie's Brew."*

Time to bake down the Fourth Wall. With SCIENCE! And explosives; lots and lots of explosives.

by the way i wrote this chapter before friendship is witchcraft was even a thing but i will retroactively accept my writing as a reference to it

This story is as relevant to itself as this video is to cats



I'm pretty sure your story just became 20% more rainbow.


B-but, Pinkie! :applecry: Witchcraft is illegal in Equestria!

This is the greatest thing in the history of ever. Seriously.






This reminded me of JOHN FREEMAN, WHO WAS GORDEN FREEMANS BROTHER...I found it funny, but unbearable at the same time...It was random, I don't know how to exactly say it. Something felt off. I'll read again later to give a better review. Otherwise, keep writing my friend.


Now that I had the time to read it and let it sink in. I thought it was rather delightful, once I got past the questioning phase. I guess what I'm saying is that I didn't really enjoy it until I let go of standard logic. The one thing that really got me was FLUTTERSHY GET YOUR QUIET OUT HERE!  Ni

At last someone who puts a "fuck" in the story!!!:trollestia:




*Rates up*

I didn't think it was possible for this story to get even more brilliant after that last chapter. Bravo.:moustache:



You're offline... Whatever!

It hasen't been tinkered with since Nov 29?

So I was finishing off a batshit-crazy assbackwards completely-OOC mentalfic of my own, and thought that maybe it might be a bit too silly for FiMFiction.

Then I read this.

I'm an amateur. A FUCKING AMATEUR.

Found this in the FAQ. Poultron, you silly bugger, you.

Oh mah gawd. Yes. So much yes.

*Reads story*

I suddenly understand everything.

Pinkie licked Dash on the nose after kissing her. Seems like the thing she'd do in that situation, actually.

>>665194 It's random. It isn't meant to make sense.


And it receives a poor critical analysis from me :unsuresweetie:

I don't personally enjoy things that make no sense. More power to you if you do, but I just can't do this

amazing, truly and simply amazing...

cant. stop. fucking. LAUGHING!  XD i had no idea what to expect and yet this exceeded all of them (somehow).  jeeze this was funny

I find it hard to imagine how much bad fanfic you must have ingested before passing this massive impacted faecolith. Thank you for your suffering on our behalf.

I look forward to further adventures of Princess Equestria and the search for the eleventeen fragments of the Friendship Chalice.

ETA: ^ This idea was so terrible that I wrote it myself.

I laughed because of all the spelling mistakes.:rainbowlaugh: raibnow dash, AWAIE

I litterally laughed so hard I shat myself.

I amagines RD with like a he man voice :rainbowlaugh:  

What is this I don't even...:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1:

I can't even figure out if I like this or not...

What in the actual...

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