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Waking up one autumn morning, Twilight finds that Discord has put together a giant festival with carnival rides, food, and games just outside Ponyville to celebrate the end of Daylight Saving Time.

Something tells her it's going to be a very long day...

The original version of this story won 1st place in the 95th contest at Writeoff.me, "The Nightmare After Nightmare Night," and the cover art is a commission from hazeyhooves.

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Comments ( 13 )

Magnificent, from the myriad antics to the lesson learned to Discord's true intentions. And the mental image of Twilight laying claim to a stack of pancakes by licking them feels at once bizarre and perfectly approrpiate. Thank you for this.

This is wonderful -- nicely done! Nobody needs to write a carnival story any more.
I like the ending scene, it was just the right extra sobering moment after the fun of the main story.

And yes, it said on the line below that, I suppose that means you, too, Twilight Sparkle.

Which pretty much confirmed the suspicion that had started nudging the back of her brain. What was Discord up to now?

Well, if you'll just keep reading, the next line on the card said, it's entirely possible that you might find out.

That's spot-on Discord... had to keep reading after that! :twilightsmile:

Oh a wonderful little bit of chaos I do love a good Discord one shot. Good job.


Thanks, folks!

I quite enjoy writing Discord, though I guess I've done more with him over on my AugieDog account than here. He plays major roles in Foreigner, Piefall, and in the "rated Mature for sexual situations" story that I won't link to here but will tell you is called Philosophy in case you want to look it up yourself... :scootangel:


A really enjoyable romp through Discord doing his thing. Fantastic :)

They confirmed that neither Pound nor Pumpkin, fast asleep at home, had been affected, but that Maud and Mud Briar, sitting up and babysitting, had been playing bridge with their duplicates when the Cakes had looked in on them.

I totally want to see this scene expanded out.:pinkiehappy:


Thanks as well!

My only question about the bridge scene: who's partnering with whom?


It seems like the game could have some interesting time paradox (or not) implications. If we had the future Maud/Mud pair playing the past pair, the future pair would have to know how the contracts turn out. If, however, it was temporally mixed pairs, then there would be an interesting array of information sets available to each player. Then we'd have the option of whether the Mauds pair off, at which point the Mauds and Muds know how the other would think.

What pairing do you think? (Also, nice duplicate pun.)

With a curl of magic, she took the second card from the envelope and saw at the top in big, flashing, blocky letters, The Annual Change from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time!

Let's just all be glad he hasn't discovered the <marquee> tag yet.


Thank, folks!

A lot of things about the internet seem to have been inspired by Discord. I mean, most of the chat groups these days have his name on them, don't they? :pinkiehappy:

As for the bridge game, I'm extremely foggy as to the actual rules, but maybe the Maud and Mud from the future, since they already know how everything's gonna turn out, could volunteer to be the "dummies." Which would mean, I guess, it'd be "colts vs. fillies" as far as the partnering went. I'd need to do more research, though. :twilightsmile:


Welp! It was truly slice-of-life :twilightsmile:.

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