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absolute total madness


In a universe where season five onward never happened, Rainbow struggles to write up a decent CV. Twilight, also out on her ear, drops for all her friends a few useful tips.

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That cover image tho!

Hehe, I know.

Wow there is a difference between season 1 and season 8 at the cover... Also for the fiction it'self is alright.

Still prefer season one, though, isn't it. Kidding, kidding, whichever does it for you. As for the story, ta – about the best I could expect, what with it having been thrown onto the page in a oner to keep me sane.

The cover image is simply great. What really made it better is that fact that Celestia’s tail is seriously messed up in the first pic, trolestia.
Ps: The fanfic is decent. I got seriously confused at the beginning :rainbowwild:

Best damn story I've read in weeks. By the way, that cover art of yours really drives home how much the people making the show have forgotten what it's supposed to be about.

You mean teaching morals to people, most of which (Specially in the target audiance) are entering or in school through the use of animation and story telling but has never cared about continuity from episode to episode always forgetting details and things established in previous epsiodes in the name of the plot?

Pretty sure the show still does that.

At least Spike didn't tell Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash about his 'lust sessions' with the CMC since the beginning.

*looks at the cover page* 😑 *laughs*😂

Glad you guys enjoyed! So far it's fifty-fifty in terms of reception, exactly as I thought it would be, so I'll smile at those who liked it and wink at those who didn't. Heck, I'll smile at them too.
Don't really mean that but it isn't exactly closed to multiple interpretations, so yeah, I see it. Thanks for the comment, man!

How I feel about new seasons in a nutshell

Not the only one, my man. Ta for the fave, I'm glad you enjoyed. (Ignore the comma splice.)

Some nice meta humour, the story and the cover got some chuckles. Very noice.

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