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This story is a sequel to Seaquestria’s Apology Party

Princess Twilight and Queen Novo became bygones after the welcome home party at Seaquestria. Twilight wanted creatures to know who Queen Novo is so she went to Seaquestria to have a conversation with the Queen. Novo agrees while also bringing her daughter, Princess Skystar to be guest speakers at Twilight's school while also hanging out with Pinkie Pie and Silverstream.

Thanks to Clean Karma for editing this fanfic.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

Not to nitpick, but Novo would already know about the school, since Celestia helped Twilight reach out to the non-pony kingdoms (and Novo agreed to send her niece, Silverstream, there).

Definition of guest speaker. : a person invited to a gathering to give a speech He was the guest speaker at the awards ceremony.

I can’t think of a different name for title representing Novo and Skystar coming to the School Of Friendship.

I was trying to alert you to the spelling mistake in the title.

Changing the word speckers to read speakers. If there are typos in a story title, people will think twice about reading it.

Also, you described Zecora as a "protein mixture" which is technically true but probably not what you meant to write.

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