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Before Rainbow Dash and Zephyr began to surf again, Zephyr wanted to trade surfboards since he likes Rainbow’s a lot better. Rainbow agrees but she'll never trust Zephyr after what happens next.

Thanks to wingdingling for editing this fanfic.


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Comments ( 8 )

Major deja vu here, has this story been posted before somewhere?

Why is this entire story centered?

Yes but it’s a long story that I refuse to talk about. I’m trying to submit all my old stories just to get this back to normal.

What do you mean?

The formatting. Didn't you notice? The entire story is

centered like this

instead of formatted normally. It makes it difficult to read because it's distracting.

Okay but it’s not that bad.

Fixed it. My other stories have the problem so it’s gonna take me time to fix the placing on the paragraphs.

It really is. Most likely it happened as a result of however you're importing your chapters. Just a general rule of thumb: formatting and presentation affect how readers react to your work. A lot of people won't even READ a story that's all centered.

Again I fix it as fast as possible.

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