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What will happen next? Here are the options; choose one and answer the questions beneath it. Reply to this comment to vote or comment to provide other suggestions for now or later.

Option 1: Spike begs Zecora to resurrect Rarity with her evil enchantress powers. If you choose this, also answer the following:
1a: Does Zecora agree? If yes, Twilight will arrive to find Spike banging Rarity-zombie. If no, Twilight will arrive to find Spike murdering and/or corpse-fucking Zecora for saying no.
1b: If Zecora agrees, does the resurrection repair damage to Rarity's body?
If yes, Spike might can pretend she's not dead and maybe she can help with a few murders before he gets caught. If no, she's a mindless fuck toy.

Option 2: Before he can get back to Zecora's, the Roc from the episode attacks. He and Raricorpse are swallowed whole and some necro fun occurs inside the Roc's belly.
2a: Can Spike burn his way out once he's ready or can the Roc nullify dragon flame? If he can, he'll kill it and Twilight/Zecora will arrive to find him tearing out of its belly. Otherwise Twilight/Zecora will rescue him.
2b: Once the Roc is dead, does Zecora/Twilight believe that the Roc killed Rarity? If they do, Spike may get away with a few more kills before being found out. If not, they will attempt to apprehend him for his own good.

Regardless of what happens, Ember and Smolder will be joining the plot once they get back to Ponyville.

Option 1:
1a: Zecora agrees.
1b: The resurrection repairs the damage.

I assume that means 'yes' to 'damage repaired' then?


Yes... With the damage repaired she can be used again, and who knows, maybe in a future Spike could train her.

I vote zecora resurrects rarity and it repairs any damage to the body

1A: Zecora agrees.
1B: The spell repairs damage to her body.

I like option 2, with a twi/zec rescue and belief that the roc killed rarity.

Option 1
1a: she says yes
1b: yes the damage should be repaired, it's the best way to get sweetie if he thinks rarity's assistant cocksucker needs punishment too.
also, I hope that he somehow makes his way through twilight's portal and goes full Cujo on that world.
I imagine something like this
but with a dick breaking through instead.

2a Spike killing the Roc
2b Twilight and Zecora think the roc killed Rarity.

Also, a thought when Spike takes out the roc, instead of just burning it up from the inside, maybe have him claw his way out of it's belly, crawling up through it's chest and fucking the roc's heart until it dies. Seems like a unique way of killing something that big.

And I'd get to add 'heart rape' as a tag! I'll probably use that for something even if it doesn't get used for this.

The most interesting route is seeing how much spike can get away with before he's caught. With that in mind, I think having Zecora and undead rarity helping him would be best.
So, option one, zecora agrees, and all damage is repaired.
(At what point can we expect for cozy glow to get some punishment?)

Cozy Glow will likely get involved, but how will depend probably on votes and suggestions.

Comment posted by ShadowHell deleted Nov 30th, 2018

1B. Rarity is repaired but just a mindles fucktoy to be fucked and disposed/killed. :3

I'll give your cunt what it deserves.

Seems like that is winning by a long shot. I wouldn't mind having a mindless undead Rarity toy of my own.

wow "heart rape" is now a thing
Oh god it was already a thing
look what your little experiment story has brought upon the world.

1A zecora resurrects rarity
1B repair body damage

AH!!! Shit here we go again. Just let me grab my mop.

option 2b and zecora/twilight believe that rarity was killed by the roc

1a: yes, 1b: yes. Would be lovely if Rarity keeps regenrerating so she can be burned/mutilated multiple times. Cannibalistic hunger from being a zombie would also be nice.

2a: spike is immune st the acid rarities corpse not. zecora/twilight save him
2b: Theay believe the roc did it

Considering the episode where Spike got his wings was the only episode I didn't watch during season eight, I find this extremely funny.

I now consider this to be the canon version. (Maybe some unheard-of-force never talked about before in the show might have brought Rarity back to life, I dunno.)

1A, then followed by zecora restoring raritys body

also, heres an idea. When zecora starts repairing raritys body and making her look good as new, spike starts making complaints and demanding changes to make her more beautiful. I mean, if shes a zombie, why not make her literally as thin as a rail, zecora might complain that all her internal organs get in the way so spike just eats them so zecora can stop complaining and just do it :D

There is a theory that the tree got corrupted when it absorbed the clones... do with this information what you will.

“Ah, the feathers of that bird can affect ponies' ears,” Zecora said in recognition as she turned from checking her supplies. “It's a magic ailment I've treated for years.”

That meant that whatever clothing line Rarity was making with them was hazardous to the health of her buyers, not that it would stop her.

My headcanon is that mites cause the deafness, otherwise it makes no sense.

I don't care about where this story goes, but there is one or two things I care about, can you guess what it is?

It's m/m crap, and I hope u no bring any of that tainted stuff in this story like the last one.

a: Yes.
b: Yes.

But I would like to note if the spell makes Rarity fully herself, just traumatized into obedience or physically unable to resist Spike/Zecora's control (ideal so that she's mentally tortured), you should work on writing Rarity's talking style; she's one to bawl mid-sentence, emphasize certain words with exaggeration, etc.

Seriously:ajbemused: This story has been unupdated for months, and when a new chapter finally comes around, most of it isn't even murder-rape. I tracked this story for large amounts of murder-rape, not small amounts. Dislike.

Completely random fact: During the French revolution, it was figured out that a beheaded head remains conscious for about 30 seconds. Don't know about drownings, neck breaks, or other methods, but it is true for clean beheadings.

Holy crap, has it really been that long? That's what I get for having issues, I guess, but I'll try to update it more.

Comment posted by Ave1dragon deleted Mar 31st, 2019

A few typos:

  • BUt
  • regurgiate
  • griped

Good chapter, despite the 5-month wait.

Have Discord help out Spike, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Most; it was an enjoyable show," Zecora said. "And how that thot deserved to go."

love this zecora characterization


"Good, now cum inside your cold new sex slave," Zecora nodded as his vomit tapered off. "We will rip her soul back from beyond the grave."

"I like a young cock this much, and all young meat," Zecora smirked. "Tis why I invite foals here whenever I am in heat."

"In the utmost agony, oh my," Zecora nodded. "Imagine a heart attack, but your body refusing to die. That is how she'll forever live with this spell, her own personal living hell."


Well I for one, as a proud member of the Headless Rainbow Fan Club, say that any amount of time between chapters is worth the wait for the quality sexyness and horror that flows from your poisoned quill.

And here i thought i hated the Spike from the orignal story:pinkiecrazy:... but this new incarnation of the rape and murder driven fuck of a dragon would be way more fun go beat to death.

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