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I'll see you Starside, everyone. Through rain, shine, or clouds. (Crossovers Only)


It's barely been three weeks since Twilight Sparkle's coronation, and she and her friends are already running a diplomatic mission to the Marewaiian Islands. A surge of volcanic activity has disturbed the fragile island chain, and the Elements of Harmony are quick to investigate.

They discover that there's something inside the volcano, and otherworldly doesn't even begin to cover the situation they've gotten into...


Mark Sykes never asked his dad why he shouldn't open the oak chest in his closet. However, when his dad passes away and leaves the chest to Mark, he lets his curiousity the better of him. When he opens the ancient wooden chest and discovers what lies within, he is brought to a strange new world.

And apparently that comes with being transformed into Entei, the Volcano Pokemon. Also, did I mention that the locals have taken to worshipping him as "Guardian of the Flame?"

Yeah, things are about to heat up, real fast.
Pokemon crossover, will have swearing, slight gore, and violence.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 106 )

Well this is interesting.

Good call on not having any other Displaced. The story will be allowed to grow without anything slowing it down.

I like it. Can’t wait for more

Wait, if he’s a guardian of the volcano, shouldn’t he have become a Heatran or a Groudon?

I like were this is going can't wait for more

Entei is my favorite, and it makes more sense to me.

I like this story so far; please keep it going.

You have my attention

Spectacular job. You must do more of this. Less my shadows come.

Just one question. Why not just make this a straight up Pokemon crossover with Entei and forget the displaced part?

No matter what some people may think, a crossover doesn't need to be a displaced fic at the same time.

I'd thought of this for a while, and I'm happy with where it is and what genre it is now.

I agree with Morion. There's no point in this being called a Displaced since you won't be using any of the lore.

Something I noticed in the description.

They discover that there's something inside the volcano, and overworldly doesn't even begin to cover the situation they've gotten into...

Do you mean otherworldly? Other than that interesting start. Will be keeping track of this.

love pokemon crossovers but this one has a bit of loop holes... since t=Mark was from earth wouldn't he have heard of MLP since it is a cartoon in his world or got some sort of inkling that he was in a tv show since Pokemon is also a well known on Earth?

so he'll learn solarbeam, ground or rock type moves, and some other fire type moves?

It would be better if the main character had no knowledge of MLP, it opens up more options for character growth instead of the main character having future knowledge.

I bet I could be the lightning one in a race.


You should be proud.

YES!!!!! i am actually from hawaii honolulu!!! i thank you for doing this cause i actually tried finding any fimfic that starts and or have a hawaiian theme story in it like a displaced or even a hawaiian warrior or something but not a single one appeared until you my brother!!!!! i sincerely thank you with all my heart and i'm sure any hawaiian will thank you and love as well. this fic has just got you a fav and follower of you and your story. again thank you, you just made my day.

So will our protagonist be bound by dumb game logic and only know 4 moves or will he be able learn any from Entei's moveset? And what of TM, HM, Transfer and Z-moves?
Looking forward to how this plays out.


This section right here... I nearly dropped the fic because of it. First, I've never heard of anyone saying "groan" in an unironic way. Second, the protagonist gets over his situation remarkably quickly and with little shock. I would be downright traumatized in the same situation, and I imagine most other people would as well. Third, is the protag the origin of the volcano spirit's legend, or is he assuming its identity? The description and first scene implies the former, but the last scene suggests the latter.

That will be explained later. Also, I deleted the Ugh, Groan section.

I can try to work his shock and worry into a later chapter.

Not sure. I'll fix that.

Also, he'll get Inferno Overdrive at some later point. His moveset will be based off of USUM.

Also, the TV show thing is kind of correct. The existence of Equestria and MLP will be explained later.

In case you can't tell from my profile pic, I am true fan of Pokemon! (My profile is the MLP form of Kyurem). Logve how it's going so far, can't wait for more.

One question, though... Is Entei/Mark going to be the only Pokemon in the book? Or are you going to introduce others from the Pokemon world?
Not saying you should, I'm just curious...But still, keep up the good work!

It's implied that Suicune and Raikou will show up, and they will. Not sure when, though.

its kinda funny when ever a entai roars a volcano erupts but its also said then when a volcano erupts a entai is born

A good start. Now waiting to see how badly the Element's are gonna get burned:pinkiecrazy:... Figuratively:derpytongue2:

You forgot the letter "H" in entai.

hmm I see what you did their you clever cookie

Just dont place milk next to me or i might get eaten.

umm.....(puts glass of milk behind back) sure

Maybe Entai roars when giving birth thus making a volcano erupt.
Makes sense to me.
Though those dex entries would make more sense with Heatran because of them living in lava and actually having genders in game. Making, giving birth sound more possible with them.

love the new story, i hope the 2nd chapter is almost done

Is that from the detective pikachu movie?

Never got around to see the trailer so I have no idea

Wow! An excellent start! I’m liking this so far! Update again when ya can.

Finally a good Displaced fanfiction! I need more of this!

Serious dude, continue this. Its great!

Looks like yet another good start that's going to be left to wither and die.

Nope. Posted a new chapter. Check it out.

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