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Pretty sweet story! :twilightsmile:
I especially enjoyed the diapercritter transformation bit, there aren't enough of those IMHO.

I highly agree, def want to write more stories that involve it .

I'm not a fan of hypnosis or diapercritter transformation but this story was really cute.

I like the fact that it's left unclear whether The Purrfessor is a dream produced from Twilight's subconscious seeing the plushie as she fell asleep or whether The Purrfessor is an magical construct that uses said plushie as a "base station".

I do see a few typos though.

The one that stood out was this one

though this time liking his paw.

- should be "licking".

Glad you were able to enjoy it regardless of the content. I aim to make my stories interesting even to those who manage to look past the pure fetishistic nature that births them into existence in the first place.

And lol yeah, I'm not surprised. Writing late into the night as I usually do will let a few errors slip by here and there, especially since I don't proof read these types of works.

Loved reading through every moment in the story, would love to see a prequel where Celestia or Luna have a similar experience.
Mayhaps a sequel where they all share the experience together & grow closer to each other from said experience.
(Possibly followed up by one with a chapter for how each of the make 6/7 would find one of those experiences)

Maybe down the line I'll do a sequel or a prequel, I left the story open ended for just that reason. But in the meantime I want to focus on writing a variety of new stories and coming back to these when I'm low on fresh ideas or need a break in general to help be a little more active on here.

Glad you liked it though. :twilightsheepish:

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