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Pony Grove

I am nopony.


One summer night, a city is struck by a very unusual occurrence. Two percent of the nearly one million occupants are turned into ponies. Talking, colourful, seemingly magical ponies. With no explanation and no recourse, they are forced to live very unique lives.

This is the story of April, a savvy secretary who woke up one morning as a pony, and her friend, Courtney, who is there to assist her in getting her life back on track.

Things are a mess as April gets ready to try to go out into the city and make a new friend, Kevin, who is another victim of The Change. April needs a new friend in her life, but can they both stand up to the everyday hardships of being ponies? Their similarities and differences will either make them... or break them.

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I applaud you, dear Author. Bravo. My heartstrings have been plucked, and i adore you for it.

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