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I prefer to write tame, happy stories, more like actual episodes than anything.


Rainbow Dash is starving!

When Pinkie Pie finds out her feathered friend has been eating nothing but take-out every day, she arranges a cooking class with all of their friends to teach Rainbow the importance of making food for herself.

A story meant to resemble an episode of the series.

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A one-shot only has one chapter... so this isn't a one-shot.

I still like it though.

What 1 said, but a good story so far. I tried to figure out why there would be a camera crew there, but then, well... It's :pinkiesmile:. Not much more to say.

And in the meantime, Fluttershy feeds the animals by her cottage, totally unaware that all her friends have gotten together and never even thought to invite her... :fluttershysad:

More like Fluttershy is the best chef of the bunch and will rescue them all from certain disaster.



Given how fancy that salad she made Angel in "Putting Her Hoof Down" was, that's not unlikely. My personal head canon has her as a good cook...


Oops! Guess I thought "one-shot" meant something different. I thought it to mean "stand-alone short story," but I was wrong. Thanks!


Yup, I've got her pegged as a pro, too. I wonder if she'll make an appearance? :raritywink:

1027888 Perhaps at the end when everyone else has given Rainbow Dash their two bits and she still can't really cook good it will be Fluttershy who agress to give her private lessons. :yay:

"under your saddle." I'm gonna have to remember that one. In fact, I should use it once in every fanfic I write hereafter just to make sure I don't forget it.

This is better than I thought it would be, and to think I almost didn't read it due to having so many others on my reading list! The humor is fairly clever and the comic timing is terrific, especially during the red carpet walk. Spike is pretty awesome in this fanfic, too. Usually people just use him as a minor supporting character or write him as a tactless jerk.

1027718 No big deal; that's usually what happens to Spike. Spread the neglect little! :pinkiehappy:

I've been cooking for myself for so long I've forgotten how lousy a cook I really am. Obviously I need to sign up for lessons in Ponyville. :derpyderp1:

One-shot or not, this was hilarious.


I'm sure Rainbow Dash would be happy to teach you a thing or two. :rainbowwild:

And I'm glad you liked it!

what a cute story you have written. :heart: Its a shame it hasn't had more exposure:fluttercry:

I noticed that it's still labeled incomplete is there an epilogue coming or have you just forgotten to switch it to complete?

Wow. I was just expecting a simple, mundane cooking class, but instead, you put a whole Iron Chef spin on to it, and all the characters were spot-on here. Lots of great moments all around.


Awesome job!

(Is there still more to this story though, since it's still marked as "Incomplete"? Or did you just forget to change it?)


Yup, it's complete, and I just marked it as such. Didn't even know that mark was there--I'm a bit of a newb. :derpytongue2:

Glad you guys liked it! :ajsmug:

Good job my friend and it seems the victory goes to Team 3 Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo with the runner up being Team 1 Fluttershy and Apple Bloom which means Team 2 Twilight and Sweetie Belle place last. :pinkiehappy:

1100461 Sorry I don't keep score I'm just obeserving the results, Twilight is a big reason why the team did so badly cooking is not about perfection and taking so long you never get to eat anything. :facehoof:

Incoming hilarious quotes

I’m not mistaken, Sweetie Belle here has just produced the first recorded instance of artificial abiogenesis!”

“Sweetie, you foal! This sandwich is volatile!

“Class is a competition, Sweetie! Don’t tell me they haven’t taught you that in class?

Fluttershy dejectedly plucked a sprinkle off the top of the mound and returned it to the shaker.

She cantered giddily out of her chambers and into the hallway. “Lunaaa! The pizza’s here!”




I'm really glad that you liked it!

:trollestia: < "Pizza Pony: From the oven to your palace in a semi-hour, or we'll be banished to the MOOOOON!"

Everyone salivates at the sight of Pinkie Pie? Makes sense to me.

There were so many moment that made me want to hug Fluttershy.

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