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I'm back! Happy New Year everyone. Crystal Prince will be updated as soon as I can remember where I was going with it.


The Crystal Empire has returned, so has King Sombra. Only the missing Crystal Prince can defeat Sombra. Things fall on the shoulders of Shining Amour and Princess Cadence. A bat pony in the night guard seems to have some mysterious magic. All hope for the Crystal Empire seems lost until Princess Luna enters a nightmare of one of her guards. Her discovery brings hope to the Empire, as well as herself.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 8 )

Good story and nice OC, just wondering when this takes place.
It is a bit rushed, but nevertheless a good story

Heyo! I'm sorry if it seems rushed. I have a bit of trouble when it comes to making a story flow in a timely manner. (not to mention that I wrote both chapters while I was supposed to be doing my schoolwork...) This story takes place in an alternate reality since it doesn't follow the cannon storyline.

Wow, this was nice. Keep it up!

Wow, the power to pretty much destroy the country. Nice, I do like how Topaz has a certain snobbishness, it makes him imperfect, however I do hope he can get over it.

The power though makes me wonder at how Sombra defeated him

Good job on the story, nice writing. Will flurry heart exist in this universe?

I'm not sure yet. But is she does, it won't be until after Sombra is defeated.

Also, Sombra managed to defeat Topaz because somepony wasn't concentrated on the battle:trixieshiftright:

I'm working on it. Though, I will be gone this weekend and next week for Thanksgiving, so I'll try my best to upload a few more chapters before then. I'm glad you enjoy my story.

This is a good story

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