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I liked the hypnosis part. It was all pretty good. Maybe a little more description of the characters. I wanted a part where he penetrate her and maybe may the crowd go wild to.

Not Likely, but never say never!

Thanks, This all felt a bit flat in my opinion, maybe adding those parts you mentioned would have made it better.


Make a (cut scene) or edit the one you have.

To Songbird everything went perfect as usual, but as she stood atop the platform in her pose, one thing bothered her. She couldn't place the odd lingering taste inside her mouth.

She was none the wiser...:ajsmug:.

It just seems so familiar!๐Ÿ˜‚Poor Songbird

You're right, she usually gets over it pretty quickly. xD

As she shown when Twilight accidentally threw cake frosting on her suit:rainbowlaugh:!!! Really easy going if I do say so myself:ajsmug:.

Chill Af, of course.

Cool, Any particular reason why? ^_^

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ That's okay, Thanks for rating it! ^_^

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Nov 12th, 2018

Oh you want me to rate it?

Well I assume you hit the Red Thumb if you commented 'Down Vote'. If you haven't already then go ahead. ^_^

hahahahaha no I don't use that button . I just like to buck with the fanbois LOL.

That's cool, Hope your day is going well then :D

Lol this guy has been on a few other stories just generally being a toxic asshole. Idk why he doesn't just move on but whatever :applejackunsure:

Because of ponies like you little one.

Well, this does seem like the kind of asshole thing Discord would do. Really should have left him stoned.

Nope - Don't like it. The biggest problem for me is that I've always viewed the Lord of Chaos as being more playful than destructive, especially since his rehabilitation and obvious concern for Fluttershy. Here, he's protrayed as a stalker, a manipulator and a rapist. It doesn't matter that no one remembers, since it obviously happened. That kind of character de-construction seems to be in vogue now and it does not make a good story.

Solution: End the story with Fluttershy waking up, looking at Discord who is cuddling with her, post clopping, and saying something about having a strange dream. After all, with her secret desire to sing in public (as seen in Filli Vanilli) it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine her dreaming of being as famous as Songbird and it would tie in beautifully to current continunity without the character de-construction.

Agreed entirely.

Awesome writing! Hope to see more like this from you in the future.

What is your problem

Nice. There isn't enough male-on-female hypnotism out there. For some reason, all the good stuff seems to be femslash. Which isn't bad, but...

Fans take all comment way to serious and get (as much as I hate to say it) butt hurt over a snide comment.

Pretty great story, hope to see a sequel

Discord is a very naughty naughty boy. Well written

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