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"I'd stick my penis in her vagina, if you know what I mean."


San Franciscolt. It's a large, bustling town on the coast, filled with ponies of all kinds. Watch as everyone's favorite ponies try to find their way in this large city. Of course, they'd be lost without the services of the local taxi drivers.

Hey, hey, that's right! It's time to get craaaazy! We got crazy cool music and crazy cool drivin' when you click those chapters, so let's see if those cabbies can make some craaaazy money! Are you ready?

Chapters (4)
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This was one of those idea that just wouldn't go away until I wrote it. So I did. :derpytongue2:
This will be a series of short stories, all with one thing in common, and that thing in common should be obvious.

Sounds interesting...Put on the read later list for now.

oh god... this was my favorite game back when it came out.
I hit so many people and cars... I lost after the first person. :trollestia:

Surprised that Rarity didn't tell the driver off like the customers do in the game but I suppose since the delivery was speedy Rarity can't complain. :duck:

Also Hey, hey, hey, it's time to make some crazy pay are ya ready?! :pinkiegasp: HERE WE GO!!! :flutterrage:

I am starting to imagine what would happen if Fluttershy took the cab :fluttershyouch::fluttershbad: She may go a little :flutterrage: and obviously :fluttercry: but in the end, she will be all :yay:

Or this could happen. Honestly, even I don't know yet. :trollestia:

Ohgod... so much nostalgia...
It hurtsssss

You get a fave just cuz it's you, I'll read later.

:rainbowderp: Am I really that good at writing...?

1026987 If Doom was any indication?


So, I just finished reading it...I fucking love it...and The Offspring.

Sir, you have just touched one of the most time consuming elements of my childhood, and done a damn good job of it. Followed and faved sir.

Nostalgia factor cranked UP TO 11!!!

Instant fav and liked. May the chapters arrive faster than the taxi customers! :trollestia:

Keep 'em coming!

Hmm the royal chariot breaks down and Celestia needs a quick ride somewhere across town... :trollestia:

1031437 Or maybe Applejack is lost in the big city while trying to find some place to eat or something like that. :applejackunsure:

Or perhaps even Fluttershy. :fluttershbad:

Sorry this took so long. Among other things taking up my time, there was hl2.exe's refusal to work (:raritydespair:), flesh pounds deciding to just spawn right behind me, repeatedly (:flutterrage:), and just general internet problems (:pinkiesad2:).

Also, I saw this not too long ago. I'm calling it for Mann vs. Machine being a thing.

Ah the train tracks, i remember using the train as an accelerant, good times.

I lol'd hard with the quote "Famous last words"

The funny never seems to end I just love it.

I'm calling it for Mann vs. Machine

CALLED IT. This is gonna be sweet.

Anyway, yeah. That's it. This was an idea born of sheer boredom. And those four loosely-connected stories were the result.


Luna is about to have the ride of her life!

Almost thought Applejack was going to give that taxi driver an honest piece of her mind! :ajbemused:

1087834 Let's see what she'll think of those crazy taxis! :trollestia:

oh i want bonbon and lyra to be next that be so funny as hell

I. Love. This. Incredible, reading on.

1027573 Maybe you could try my Crazy Taxi arcade machine-thing.

HECK YEAH! Another master piece from the card holder.
Hey, hey, hey! That was craaazy, buddy! :pinkiecrazy:
Next one? HERE. WE. GO!

This is great stuff. Small F.Y.I, the Youtube account for the music in the fourth chapter got busted for something.
Years ago, I blew five bucks in quarters playing this game at some arcade. I got in so much trouble for it, and I still don't regret it.

This was awesome, and extremely underrated! Would you mind if I borrowed this idea? I was thinking of making a Crazy Taxi crossover, cause why not, but made sure to check if someone did it first. I've been pleasantly surprised, and have a few ideas, especially with all these years that have passed for FiM's plot to develop more!

As long as your story has an actual plot going on instead of this wank of a story, then sure, go ahead.

7677842 Aw, don't put yourself down too hard. At least each chapter was semi-connected!

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