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On a particularly normal morning, Twilight Sparkle learns that Starlight Glimmer has been up to time-altering shenanigans again. She claims that she had to stop Rainbow Dash from performing another Sonic Rainboom in order to save Ponyville from catastrophe, but Twilight had seen enough to know how important Sonic Rainbooms are and how Starlight should absolutely never try to stop one ever again. The future of Equestria could depend on it, after all.

However, Twilight's attempts to fix Starlight's meddling only seem to make things worse. So do her attempts to fix her own previous attempts. As well as her attempts to fix those attempts...

Perhaps Starlight had been onto something.

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Poor old Twilight, always at her best when she's at her worst. :)

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight... Sign. Why didn't you just ask Starlight what happened?

Every sonic rainboom changes the course of the world.
But who said it always does so for the better?

Once upon a time Twilight...

Twilight, I think you forgot to apologize to Starlight.

Well she should know better.

This is Twilight we are talking about. You know, the Alicorn Princess who attempted to steal the Hippogriffs' orb, who caused the Lesson Zero incident, and clearly often times lacks sanity.

Yeah but she usually apologizes when she does something wrong.

It's been a long day. She'll do it tomorrow. Maybe.

Another funny result of this is now RD is going to think Twilight is off her rocker.

She should just be glad she isn't a speedster and that Time Wraiths didn't go after her.

I thought of ending with rainbow dash coming to check on twilight and cueing starlight into twilights little hypocritical adventure. I opted to just end it with everyone thinking twilight had randomly snapped though. Maybe I should have gone with the original idea.

Would’ve been interesting to see how that played out.

Well, on a bright side Twilight now knows that they need to repair the dam, improve Ponyville's fire security, exterminate lots and lots of dangerous fauna nearby, evacuate Canterlot and other stuff

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