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To those on Ponychan and in my emails to EQD, I'm Writer's Block. I don't know who has the name here. Such is the roll of the dice I guess. Well, I hope you enjoy my work.


Celestia: a friend, a sister, a leader. While some think her career hasn't always been among the most illustrious, all must wonder how she can keep her sanity intact.

Or if she does at all.

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Comments ( 4 )

NO. NO. STOP IT. :trixieshiftleft: Nooooooo.

Goddammit hindsight.

And then the invasion.


This is very good. You should almost write another one of these (with "Hindsight") after he wedding. You did a really good job making Hindsight annoying.

I feel like I got :trollestia:'D.
But I'm not mad.

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