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After Spike received a crushed heart from the hooves of Rarity, he decides to leave home to find himself in the world. He sets off on a grand adventure that will teach him who and what you can be if you put your heart to it, and the true meaning of friendship.

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I am monitoring this....

I wish I could take this story seriously, but that fucking picture....:twilightblush:

It's sexy, right?

Not a bad start. Kinda wondering who the new lover mentioned is.

Not a bad start but I'm guessing the new lover mentioned (meaning hes just latest one and wouldn't be suprised if the lover was either Fancy Pants or Big Mac since many like to ship either with Rarity alot) means Spike has zero chance of being anything but a platonic friend with Rarity since she's been banging pony else. And the 'you're too young' excuse? Spike is like 5-7 years younger then Twilight and judging by the show I'd say Twilight is probably early to mid 20's I know its just a story but the 'you're too young' excuse comes up way too much considering Spike is atleast 15-16 years old in pony years. Judging by everything Rarity told Spike she knew how he's felt about her all those years but she just led him on and on getting free labor out of him. And Spike is still too immature? Think i've seen a few instances where he's acted more mature then the others have.

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