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Crazy people don't know they're crazy. I know I'm crazy, therefore I am NOT crazy. Isn't that crazy?


Poppy Blossom is the best delivery mare in all Equestria. Although nopony ever seems to hire her due to her infamous reputation of attracting all manner of trouble. Such as when she was hired to deliver Princess Celestia's cake on her birthday, and had to sword fight with a gang of griffon bakers atop a crashing zeppelin. Or when she had to deliver a suit of new armor to Shining Armor in The Crystal Kingdom and was tailed by an immortal undead unicorn warlord who wanted to use the armor as a catalyst for his ghostly form. Or when she had to steal back a priceless gem from an Invincible Ancient Dragon Guardian on Black Skull Island so it could be delivered to Carousel Boutique in time for Rarity's fashion shoot. The point is, Poppy always seems to find herself in crazier and crazier situations.

But one thing always remains the same: Poppy ALWAYS makes her deliveries on time.

Winner Of National Pony Writing Month 2018!

I would also like to thank my very good friend, Cinnabar, for all her help with coming up with ideas and things to make this story easily the most fun I've ever had with writing a story! Thanks Cinni! :D

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Loving it so far. Burnt Pears has the best name.


Wait a second..,this is based on Sam and Max! Which I love, so okay.

Indeed! After the closing of Tell Tale, I decided to honor Sam and Max in my own way. I do hope you enjoy the story, though! It is based on the Sam and Max Tell Tale series, but the Poppyverse has it's own tale to tell, as well. (Heh. Puns.) ^^


Wait, Tell Tale closed?!

I'm afraid so. Happened recently actually. Tis a great loss for all story-adventure lovers such as myself. You can read about it online at pretty much every gaming website there is. Or even just typing in Tell Tale will take you to where you can read all about it.

Tell Tale will be missed, but hopefully I can honor them and their work on Sam and Max through the Poppyverse. ^^

What is this "National Pony Writing Month 2018"?


National Pony Writing Month is a yearly event that brings all writers of the MLP community together for the goal of writing an entire new story in only one month. You can read ALL about it here! https://www.equestriadaily.com/2018/10/announcing-national-pony-writing-month.html


Good luck with NaPoWriMo!! It's always exciting to see new OC stories :heart:

Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you, miss Wishes. ^^

Still can not get enough of that oc design.

Really hoping for a leave the gun take the cannoli joke.

That book title... GUARDS! SEIZE HUE HUMBLE! And pulp all copies of his book.

(I am against book burning. Much better to pulp bad books and make paper to print better books)

Yes, I accuse Hue Humble of brainwashing Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

Comment posted by XombieSlayr deleted Nov 8th, 2018

Was making each chapter progressively shorter intentional?

Nope. Just sort of worked out that way. ^^

But Delivery #4 is just barely getting started! We'll see how long it is afterwards. :pinkiehappy:

I have just 5 words for this:



Computer, end program.
Luna, Poppy needs to WAKE UP.
DISQORD! This has gone on long enough.

(I'm sure one of those is the answer to this craziness)


I hope the Fizzy Poppers won't become secretly evil here as well.

I suppose if I had a complaint it's that it's a bit TOO much a straight adaptation of Sam and Max. Ah well, still entertaining.

I understand what you mean, and while there are many similarities, I promise that Poppy is her own thing; that was inspired by a lot of other things, including some ideas from a very good friend of mine. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far though!

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the Poppers, either. ^^



Couldn't Poppy have used her unicorn magic to just blast or teleport the creepy bear?

I'm also amazed she learned how to guitar in one hour. Though Equestrian Idol failing due to everyone being a perfect singer was clever. What's it take to get accepted or not, then?

Poppy is a unicorn yes, but unlike Twilight, magic isn't her main skill. She didn't even know how to teleport without using scrolls the first time around; and had to train in order to use the teleportation spell. Though she is getting much better at it the more she uses it!

Poppy does not know how to blast anything with magic. She can only teleport, for now. Plus, she would not have risked the bear exploding in a fireball of death with all those captive ponies in the audience. She wasn't sure what was up with that thing, and didn't want to risk it doing anything drastic as a counter measure.

And as for Equestrian Idol, it's really a matter that's up to the judges. That season's judges anyways. They usually try to find somepony who is not innately gifted in singing, so they can train them to and take credit for teaching them to sing that good. Higher ratings that way. ^^


So...where are the real Celestia and Luna?

Continue reading and you'll find out, my friend. ^^

Ya know, Professor Recipe and her little pet has a description that matches a certain OC I’ve seen some time ago. Based on how you described them, I think they have a striking resemblance to Precious Metal and Gadget.

I'm happy you noticed. ^^ I decided to base Recipe and Mimi on those particular OCs; after loving their designs SO much! It felt perfect for the character I had planned for Recipe and her animal companion. (Who I hadn't decided what species she would be, until I saw Gadget.) Recipe and Mimi are my characters, but they are designed after those OCs of Precious Metal and Gadget.

Here's a link to the OC featured on Equestria Daily, for those that want to see them in all their glory. https://www.deviantart.com/light262/art/Precious-Metal-Mimiero-commission-by-Light262-772193970

(Also, your FIM avatar is terrifying. O-O)

Ah gotcha. Yeah Precious Metal and Gadget are great looking OCs

Yeah I get that from time to time. Google “Russian sleep experiment” and that image usually is the first to come up. Don’t worry though, it’s not a disfigured person. It’s just a Halloween prop. I’ve seen them for sale online.

Do you mind if I commission someone to do a picture of Poppy? I like her design and I know someone who really makes the mlp characters pop.

Comment posted by XombieSlayr deleted Nov 26th, 2018

I do hope there's a new chapter in the works!

There is indeed! I have been rather busy with getting ready for spring, but rest assured I have plenty more deliveries in the works for Poppy. And I'm sure you'll love reading them as much as I love writing them! :pinkiehappy:

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