• Published 31st Oct 2018
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Wake Up - debug

Something's been bugging you ever since you woke up in magical talking horse land, and it's not just the Changeling that can't seem to get rid of you.

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Comments ( 8 )

Anyone gonna comment on how EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER IS 2000 words? No? Okey

Oh myyyyyy

Love the absurdity of the apology at the end :rainbowlaugh:

Everyone's a winner today!

People have in fact commented about that.

Was a good movie...

Awesome story!
Can't choose which human x lovebug story is better!
Bugging out

Pretty good, this. A bit more gratuitous clop than I'd prefer and I'm not a huge fan of 'free love' and exhibition and orgy stuff, and also antagonists going from raging to timied and friendly in the space of a paragraph.

Still, it was entertaining, who knows I might read it again in future. Always been a fan of lovebug stuff.

I only just now saw this comment in my email, the hell do you mean?

Am I the only one who finds it suspicious that all chapters are exactly 2000 words long

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