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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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The title alone made me laugh out loud... I'll read this!

Sober #2 · Oct 31st, 2018 · · 1 ·

I am quite literally at a loss for words... fuck it, let's go down the rabbit hole and see where Leech leads me.

I was going to write a spoopy Halloween clopfic.
But no.
You win.

Well shit, I would've read it too! :fluttershbad:

9264225 Legit busy going to a Halloween party.
But I'll put one out (late) this weekend.
Just because you said so.

Fuck yeah my dude! Enjoy the party!!!

That was pretty funny :twilightsmile:


combating life life size cutouts

Repeated "life"

black, eyeless hallows


little, purple asked

Missing a word

the Squizard bellowed, throwing one of his wants in annoyance.


before fetching a mob to clean the floors


Piss. Yeah, I was trying to get this done for the holiday. :fluttershyouch:

I can't think of a competent bone pun, so have my love for such a ridiculous idea instead.

I'm glad you found the story humerus. :trollestia:

Keep making more like this and I'll show you a bone-us treat.

That'd be great! My dream is tibia great author some day!!!

Ain't it though!?!

Discord is the ultimate bro in this. Like, wow. If he really wanted to make up for his mad overlord phase, he'd treat Celestia, Luna, and the mane six too.

9264431 I'm glade I was spine on the comment section to see this.

I'm going to write fanfiction between my OC and Skellinore because of this. But I'm not going to have slime, it's just gonna be him humping her pelvis bone.


Someone downvoted every single comment!

That's so sweet!!! :yay:

they must have n life.

Is it weird that that turned me on?

This piece was scientifically engineered to induce the illusive "why boner". :trollestia:

I was talking about what Sober said... it turned me on...

This was entertaining.

Bonus thought, albeit the Sparity lover in me admittedly, I can't help but laugh at the idea of Rarity somehow paying Discord with information about Shy to make this happen and it being her actually transformed and all her evil plan, the idea of the back ally deal between the two amuses me.

I see this fic and the only thing that comes to my head is:

Going throught the story be like;

Great story! I hope to see something like Skellinore again someday XD

So he is totally boned

Funny and creative, wasn't expecting Dairity! :duck:

even skeletons get BONELY

I'm not sorry...

I can tickle your bones to the tibia toes!

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