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Just your average british lad. I write things for a living. It’s the strangest living you’ll ever find, second only to my inability to take myself off of the grid.


(Still waiting on a fluff or cute tag, Knighty...)

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's favourite holiday is Halloween. It's the one time of the year where they get to cut loose from the traditional fancy stuff they were raised on and have some fun after dark. And such is the case with any Halloween, there's nothing that makes them happier than a good old-fashioned trick-or-treat night.

With a few little spooks along the way...

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Comments ( 10 )

That was adorable. I gotta figure how that bitch got that hand to come up from the bowl. That's something I wanna scare mfs with.

I do wish those two showed up any more. That was cute.:twilightsmile:

Very cute 😁

That was such a sweet story. Keep up the good work.

This was cute :twilightsmile:

Well that was adorable

Wear a costume with gloves, get 1 extra glove, cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic halloween bowl and glue the glove into the hole, then fill it with sweets, at least that's how I'd do it.

have fun terrorising people.

This is honestly ADORABLE! This made my night, literally!

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