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In an alternate Equestria, peace have been maintained by the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Each generation has faced a great evil, imposing the will of the being Chaos. Now years later, the Four Fiends have broken free and now are aiming to conquer all of Equestria. Now the son of Princess Luna, Prince Tempest Noctis, is chosen to stop the Fiends and save Equestria from Chaos. Crossover with Final Fantasy.

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speaking of mistake I may have missed one

“You may have won many battles, but you shall not win the war

missed a ending quotation mark, thought i marked that in the beta

I just fixed it. I'm not sure if you mentioned it or not. I could have missed it when you sent the file over.

Ah. But whcih Final Fantasy do you mean? Four Fiends puts me in mind of 2, or one of the very early games.

I'm leaning towards more of a FF 1 approach, but I am going to make references to a lot of different Final Fantasies.

This is interesting and it's strange because I've only finished a third of Final Fantasy XV because I spent most of my playtime driving around Eos, fishing and doing sidequests. Oh, and the events, especially the Choco-Mog festival and the surprisingly good Assassin event.

I'd Like to add to the author's note that I am not the best with grammar and really only catch certain mistakes. So if other readers catch stuff I missed please let the author know. It will also help me see things that I may not know are grammatically incorrect.

Yeah I need to go back and finish FF 15.

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