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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


This fic is set in and around Ponyville prior to Twilight Sparkle coming to live in the Golden Oak library.


A devoted mother leaves her young filly safe in the forest while she goes to earn money for food in the nearby town, but she is very late returning.

Suddenly, the scared little filly hears unfamiliar voices and hoofsteps approaching ...

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Comments ( 14 )

Ok I hate to pick at a really good story but...

The noises were so much louder than they were out in the forest. The strange smells assaulted her senses and she felt completely out of her depth and nuzzled in closer for reassurance. “What’s wrong, little one?” asked the mare, “Are you not used to the town?” The filly looked up, but the bright lights hurt her eyes, making tears smart down her muzzle. “There, there, little one” she cooed reassuringly, “Climb onto my back and you can close your eyes then, if you want to.” She nodded, and the mare knelt down allowing both fillies to clamber onto her back, her own daughter climbing up second so as to help keep her new friend upright and stop her falling.

‘making tears smart down her muzzle’ should probably be ‘making tears start down her muzzle’

All eyes turned to the young unicorn and saw the image of a golden lyre still glowing on her flanks, the self-same as those on her mother.

More of confusion but what does ‘self-same’ mean?

Also, That hit hard bro...

I was thinking about her eyes smarting in the unaccustomed brightness of the lights in the town, but start would work just as well.
Self-same meaning identical to. I was reinforcing the mother:daughter bond and making the connection with the lyre.
Thanks for the comment - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Aww, this story is so sweet and emotional :pinkiesad2::heart:

Thank you!
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

You're welcome.

*clutches chest* HHHNNGG

Oh god Lyra. Ohhhh that hurts. Great story!

Thank you for your kind words.
This is what happens when you take a walk through some dark woods looking for inspiration!

Clearly it's cathartic for you please make more stories. *Falls off chair* ooh my heart still burns. XP

I've done a number of sadfics and tragic fics if that's your thing; why not cast an eye over Just Another Day if you're interested?

See that's the thing, I don't often if ever read sad or tragic stories in general. Yet this discription got me interested to crack it open.

It was worth the read, so good author you got me out of my box to enjoy something new. I'll take a peak at your other stories.

Just know this isn't my usual reading. :P

:pinkiesad2: Oh my gosh, that...that...

The feels!! Oh the feels! *sniff*

So beautiful and sad and...and...now I'm gonna go cry in a corner.

For an hour. With a bix box of kleenex.

This was SO good!

Thank you for your kind words!
I'm glad it hit the spot.

Ah, bittersweet, nice. Poor Lyra, but now we know why she's so close to Bon Bon...

I was just taking a walk through some woods one evening with the last few rays of sun playing through the trees and suddenly I could picture a scared little filly waiting for her mother to return ...
I'm so pleased this backstory worked for you!


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