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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"


While searching for a job, Wallflower Blush discovers an ad online for a residential counselor position at Camp Everfree and is somewhat surprised at how quickly her application is accepted. Nonetheless, the shy teenager takes a bus to the camp, eager to start making some cash and possibly a few friends too. Little does she know that the current owner has recently decided to adopt an "au naturale" approach to the dress code there.

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Comments ( 9 )

Omg it is so nice to hear from you again and this story is absolutely great

Glad you like it so far.

Decent so far. I do wonder if they're ever going to realize they're both part of the 'driven mad by Equestrian magic' club though.

I find it funny how the phrase “it’s all downhill from here” can be either good or bad. I can’t always tell the difference either.

Wonderful start. Can't wait for more.

That will definitely come in to play later. :raritywink:


Might keep an eye on it. I admit I'm not big on the 1st person perspective.

Nice to see you writing again.

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