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Destiny: Spark of Hope - Mkchief34

Every journey begins and ends with a single step...for three Guardians of the Light...their journey has just begun...Destiny 2 crossover.

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Chapter 7 - Local Issues

After reaching the Russian Cosmodrome, and battling their way through a horde of Fallen along the way, Fireteam Tradewind had reached the transit node that Rasputin had activated for their journey to Equestria. The Guardians had varying feelings about their mission,

David Paulson was quite curious, yet also amused that a planet like Equis could even exist.

Seahawk-2 simply went with the flow, as always.

As for Adrianne Titus...she was ecstatic. Even though she was younger than most Guardians, and many Awoken were stoic and regal, Adrianne was not. She enjoyed pulling various pranks on Cayde-6, such as hiding his Sparrow in a tree in the Tower Courtyard. Cayde, as a result, had gotten hold of the Tower PA and made a statement that would go down in history, at least in terms of Guardian pop culture.

"Hello, this is Cayde-6 of the Vanguard, I realize this is an abuse of the Tower PA but, whoever took my Sparrow and put in in a tree...I will find you...and you will wear a sign that will say you stole from...never mind. Never mind! It's right here...in a tree. Sorry…goddammit Adrianne…"

As a result later, Cayde added Adrienne to his list of "The few Warlocks who legitimately scare me". The others on that list were Ikora Rey, of course, Osiris, and Toland the Shattered.

Now, Adrianne was practically bouncing off the walls thinking of their new assignment.

"Settle down, Adrianne." David said as his Ghost, named Parker, worked the transit node's computer systems with some slight pointers from the Warmind. "We're there on a mission, not a vacation."

"Oh, come on!" Adrianne protested. "This is so exciting! A new world to explore and save from the Darkness! What's not to like?"

"The fact that Oryx has a Sister." Talon, who was Seahawk's Ghost, replied. "And she's now in control of the Taken armies. We need to stay focused on the task at hand."

"Agreed." Eco, Adrianne's Ghost affirmed. "I understand your excitement Guardian, but please calm down. We've got a job to do."

"Fine…" she replied, a bit downcast. "Are we all set, Parker?"

"Yep." Parker replied, his slight accent reminiscent of a western cowboy from Pre-Golden Age film and media. "We're good to go."

"Then let's move." Seahawk nodded as Rasputin spoke in old Russian while the portal activated. "Rasputin, whenever you're ready."

Rasputin spoke an additional phrase, and the portal activated. As Seahawk, Adrianne, and David were teleported across the stars at superluminal speeds, Rasputin watched them go with a tone of relief spreading through his systems.

The Warmind of Earth had always known to be very cautious when dealing with the Guardians. Even though Ana Bray was one of them, Rasputin believed that the Guardians, for lack of a better word, were overconfident and over-eager to face whatever threat came their way. They had no priority except defending their City and the Traveler, and not seeking out allies among those in the great beyond of space.

Rasputin did acknowledge their feats of slaying Crota, Oryx, Atheon, and many other powerful threats to the Light, but he also was concerned that one day, they would see him as a threat as well. That was mostly because of the SIVA crisis and the death of nearly all of the Iron Lords in the Plaguelands in their incursion. Rasputin had attacked them only in an attempt to dissuade them from claiming SIVA, because the Warmind knew that it was too dangerous to be let loose by whoever claimed it.

And where Iron Lords could not succeed, the Fallen did. They managed to gain control and begin mass production of SIVA in less than a week, and in less than three weeks, lose their control as a result of the Guardians killing Aksis and the main replication heart. Rasputin, for lack of a better word, acted as much as the Vanguard knew that he did not fully trust them.

But for the sake of the three Guardians who saved him from the Hive and Fallen, he would show their friends the way to Equis and bring them back when the time came.


As Fireteam Tradewind appeared in Harrison's transit hub, the three Guardians staggered and fell over, disoriented and dizzy.

"The nausea will pass in time, Guardians." Harrison spoke over the intercom. "I welcome you to Equestria. Your fellow Guardians are waiting in the town of Ponyville, not far to the southeast of my Vault."

"Thanks, Harrison." Seahawk said, as he got to his feet alongside his fireteam members. "Would you mind giving us a lift to the surface?"

"I would not. I would take hold of something."

As the Guardians stepped onto a cargo elevator, which began to ascend, Harrison sent a message to Twilight Sparkle's datapad.

Princess Twilight, your Guardian reinforcements are inbound. Prepare for their arrival.


As the Guardians of Fireteam Horizon stood near the edge of Ponyville, alongside Twilight and her friends, Rainea gave a small sigh.

"Is something wrong?" Rarity asked the Warlock.

"No, I'm just thinking." Rainea replied. "The Guardians who just arrived are good friends of ours. I'm merely thinking how Miss Adrianne Titus, a Warlock like myself, will react to you. She is relatively young for a Guardian, and quite excitable."

"Like Pinkie Pie?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, sort of. Adrianne once stowed the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6's Sparrow bike in a tree in the Tower Courtyard." Rainea smiled. "That particular prank earned Adrianne a place in the annals of the Guardians as one of the few Warlocks Cayde is scared of. Not in a bad way, though."

"Who else is this Cayde scared of?" Fluttershy asked.

"Osiris, Toland the Shattered, and Ikora Rey." Rainea replied. "Osiris was exiled from the City due to his extensive, albeit very dangerous work on the Vex, and Toland was getting way too close to understanding the Hive. And Ikora, the Warlock Vanguard, was renowned and feared in her early lives when she participated in the Crucible. Cayde still remembers how powerful she once was."

"Is she still like that?" Fluttershy shivered.

"Ikora is far more just and emotionally composed now." Rainea smiled. "She will only resort to violence if absolutely necessary, but she is still a more than capable fighter."

At that moment, the Guardians of Fireteam Tradewind appeared on their Sparrows, and as they disembarked, Adrianne gave a squeal of joy.

"Easy, Adrianne." Anubis sighed. "They might look cute, but they can fight."

"That makes them even CUTER!" Adrianne squealed, causing the other Guardians there to groan and the Ponies to murmur in embarrassment. "This is actually beyond cute. This is weapons-grade adorable."


Suffice to say, Pinkie and Adrianne were soon talking like old friends as the six Guardians and the Elements returned to Ponyville. The residents were quick to repair any damage done by the previous Taken attack, but some fear remained as the new Guardians approached.

"It's okay, these are more Guardians and friends of ours." Anubis said as the ponies gathered in fright. "They came to help us in any way they could."

That statement soothed the populace enough that they let them into town, but whispers and murmurs soon followed.

"So, Seahawk, was it?" Twilight asked the Exo Hunter. "You seem like you're deep in thought."

"Yeah, this place reminds me of where my Ghost resurrected me." he replied with a smile of remembrance. "The old city of Cape Town in South Africa. I was brought back along this beach lined with rocky cliffs. I told Talon that one day I'd go back and see what's changed."

"That sounds nice." Twilight replied. "But what do you mean by "What's changed?"

"Well, South Africa, in the time I was resurrected, was hit hard by the Fallen as humans from the northern part of the continent fled south. After a few years, the city was devastated by not just Fallen, but a Hive expedition. One of the first things I did once I was Fireteam Leader was take out the Hive's leadership there."

"How'd that work out?"

"Well, the Hive weren't as firmly entrenched there was they could've been, so destroying the Seeder's power core and killing their leaders wasn't too much trouble." Seahawk replied. "I check reports from there every so often. Last one said there was no trace of active Hive remaining."

As the group reached Twilight's Castle, the Guardians froze at the sight of the Silverback Nova's boarding ramp on the ground, which was not at all like they had left it.

Anubis drew his Hand Cannon and took point as the Guardians boarded the ship, and they could see someone had begun to rummage through the ship's supplies.

"Three contacts on the bridge!" David said as he looked at his motion tracker. The Guardians stacked up and slid the door open, revealing three young fillies, a pegasus, unicorn, and earth pony looking over a small bag of pilfered objects.

"Okay, now we make ourselves…" the unicorn said, only to freeze at the sound of multiple guns being cocked and pointed at them. "Scarce."

"What are you three doing!?" Anubis growled. "I want answers, and I want them now!"

The fillies went wide-eyed and backed up slowly as the Elements came onto the bridge and gasped.

"You three again!?" Rarity gasped. "Sweetie Belle, what are you and your friends up to this time? Don't tell me you're trying to earn your Cutie Marks in thievery!"

"See, I told you it was a bad idea!" Scootaloo admonished. "Apple Bloom, you said that we'd be in and out, that we would just take a look around! Not this!"

"But Sweetie Belle wanted to get souvenirs!" Apple Bloom protested. "And I told you that was also a bad idea!"

"Scootaloo was the one who started taking everything she could find and throwing into the bag!" Sweetie Belle replied indignantly as the three of them descended into an argument. The Guardians rolled their eyes and turned to the Element Bearers.

"How often does this happen?" James asked Twilight.

"Too often." Applejack sighed. "Those three always have some harebrained scheme concocted to get their Cutie Marks."

"I see." Rainea said, huffing quietly in frustration. "You three, come with us."

The fillies, who were still arguing among themselves, didn't hear Rainea's command. They did hear and jump a few feet into the air at the same time when Anubis smashed his foot into the floor of the ship, causing a rather loud and jarring sound to erupt.

"You three. Outside, now." he spoke, and he plucked the sidebag from Apple Bloom's Hooves. As he looked through it, he found a few chunks of spare Glimmer, assorted weapon parts, and a spare Vanguard-issue Hand Cannon. Luckily, it was unloaded and the safety was on.

"You three are in so much trouble." Rainbow growled as their siblings escorted the Crusaders off the Silverback Nova. "How'd you even get in, anyway?"

"It seems they somehow pulled the emergency manual release for the door." James replied from outside. "Not sure how they managed to do it, but they did."

As the three fillies were brought inside the Castle, Anubis returned the stolen materials to their proper places and sealed the ship once more.


While Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash lectured their siblings on their reckless actions and thievery, the Guardians decided they needed a break from it all. Mounting their Sparrows, they drove out of town and towards the High Hill near the Everfree.

"Well, I've had enough chaos for now." Seahawk groaned. "So, what's the plan, Anubis?"

"Let's just chill for now." Anubis suggested. "I mean, a Taken attack and three kids breaking into our ship? Too much for one day if you know what I mean."

"Oh, certainly." Adrianne replied as the Sun began to descend to the horizon, signalling the coming of dusk.

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