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Destiny: Spark of Hope - Mkchief34

Every journey begins and ends with a single step...for three Guardians of the Light...their journey has just begun...Destiny 2 crossover.

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Chapter 4 - Tour of Town

As Twilight and Spike took their seats across from the Guardians, James looked out the windows towards their ship.

"Hey, Anubis?" he asked the Titan. "Mind closing up the ship? I don't think we want anyone messing with it, seeing as it's our only way home."

"Sure, one moment." Anubis said as he headed outside and returned to the Silverback Nova to secure the landing ramp and lock the ship's systems.

"So, where do we begin?" Twilight asked.

"You can tell us how you know we're called Guardians, as we never told you that." James said. "Care to explain?"

"Oh, Harrison told us about you three." Twilight said. "How you're all heroes from where you come from, how you've achieved countless incredible feats, he didn't exactly tell us the details, though..."

"Well, damn." James said. "Didn't know we were that famous."

"Let's put that aside for the moment." Rainea said. "Also, James, mind your language. I know your expertise in the subject of curse words is second to none, but we're guests here. Please keep it in check for once."

"No promises." James smirked. "But I'll try."

"Anyway..." Twilight said, cutting back into the conversation with a nervous clearing of her throat. "Princess Celestia hasn't raised the sun yet, so we can talk for a little bit longer before I show you around Ponyville."

"Two things." Anubis said, coming back in and resuming his seated position. "One, who's Princess Celestia, and how does she raise the sun?"

"Princess Celestia is my mentor, and one of the Rulers of Equestria." Twilight said with a smile of pride. "And she raises the sun using her magic, just like Princess Luna raises the moon."

"Really?" Anubis said with a cocked mechanical brow. "Don't they rise and set on their own?"

"Actually, no." Twilight said. "Long, long ago, a great magical event stripped our world of natural weather and the celestial cycles. We've had to manage everything since then. Weather, the sun and moon...the thing is, that's all we know about it. Not even Celestia and Luna were alive then, and our records on the subject are rather...spotty at best."

"Well, I'll take your word for it." James said. "Speaking of, how many Princesses are there?"

"Well, there's me, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance." Twilight said. "That's makes four."

"There's no King or Queen?" Rainea asked.

"No." Twilight said instantly. "We haven't had either one in a long time, almost centuries. Celestia and Luna have a bad history with using those titles, and I'd prefer to leave it at that."

"Understood." Anubis said. "So, onto brighter subjects, what can you tell us about this town you live in?"


As the sun began to rise and the morning mist cleared away, Twilight brought the Guardians outside for a tour of the town. After Twilight shielded the Guardian's ship to prevent unauthorized access at the request of Rainea, they entered the town of Ponyville itself.

"So, Ponyville's a small town, with about 300 inhabitants." Twilight said. "But it's right in the center of everything, so a town like this has its perks."

"Such as?" Anubis asked.

"Well, the Diamond Dogs to our south occasionally surface to trade the gems they mine for supplies and food...the Griffons to the North come by occasionally, and the Dragons to the west are staunch allies of ours." Twilight said. "To the east is the capital of Canterlot."

"Dragons?" Rainea asked. "As in the fire-breathing lizards of pre-Golden Age mythology?"

"Well, yes." Twilight said. "They prefer to keep to themselves, but their Dragon Lord is a friend of Spike, so they often help us more than not. But why do you ask?"

"Let's just say that the Dragons we know aren't exactly allies of ours." Rainea said. "They were hunted to extinction."

"Really?" Spike asked in shock. "Why?"

"They were known as Ahamkara, Spike." Rainea said. "And they were creations of the Darkness. They would grant wishes to those who sought them out, but often those wishes came at a fatal price. They were dangerous to any who crossed their path. During the Great Ahamkara Hunt many, many years ago, we killed all of them. I've heard rumors of one last Ahamkara, hidden in the Reef, but so far that's just rumors. It's not surprising that Ahamkara bones are still around in some places, with some even being fashioned into armor for the Guardians."

Spike was awestruck as he stared at the Warlock.

"Why?" he asked, paralyzed.

"I'll tell you later, Spike." Rainea said. "That's a promise, but I cannot speak of it now. Too many....unpleasant details."

Spike nodded his head, though from the way his eyes were averted, he was still unsure.

"Anyway..." Anubis said. "Wait...what was that?"

"What?" James said.

"I could've just sworn I saw something pink and fluffy disappear into the fog." Anubis said. "Twilight, any ideas?"

"I'd advise you to brace yourself." Twilight said flatly. "Three...two...one..."


Before the Guardians could react, a pink blur slammed into Anubis's chest with enough force to register slight damage to his shields. As his mechanical optics registered bewilderment, the blur was revealed to be a pink pony with a exceptionally poofy mane.

"Please get off me." Anubis groaned. "I can't move."

"That's Pinkie Pie." Twilight said. "She's...something to behold when somepony new shows up."

"I figured." James said as Pinkie untangled herself and smiled in glee.

"So, you're the Guardians that the Warmind told us about?" she asked. "The ones that are like, super cool heroes and all that?"

"Yeah, that's us." Anubis said. "Fireteam Horizon, at your service."

"Ooh, awesome! Be right back!" Pinkie yelped, blasting off into the town once more. As James helped the Exo Titan to his feet, Pinkie soon returned, while lugging four other ponies, all in various states of sleepiness.

"Pinkie, how did you just get Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Applejack here, all in the span of three seconds?" Spike asked.

"Plot convenience." Pinkie replied proudly.

The Guardians stared at each other, then at Pinkie with expressions of sheer disbelief.

"How exactly did she do that?" Rainea asked.

"It's Pinkie, being Pinkie." Twilight replied to the Warlock. "I tried to analyze her many weird abilities, and failed miserably. Don't even get me started on her Pinkie Sense."

"Pinkie Sense?" James deadpanned. "You have got to be kidding me. And I thought we were gonna have to shoot something."

"You were wrong." Twilight said. "So, now that we're all acquainted...would you care for something to eat?"

"Sure." Rainea replied kindly. "Lead the way."

As the Element Bearers followed Twilight and the Guardians to a vacant Sugarcube Corner, Rainea looked up to see this system's Sun rise in the morning sky. Somehow, she thought, it seemed more vibrant than their own Sun back on Earth.

As she moved to catch up with her Fireteam, nopony in the town noticed a small white orb, burning intently with black flame, disappear into the fog.

Author's Note:


And yes, the Taken are on Equis. I'm not saying who's controlling them...yet. Just know it's somepony familiar to the Equestrians, but not the Guardians.

Next time - Conversations over breakfast, and something begins to stir up a Miasma insde the Everfree...

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