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Destiny: Spark of Hope - Mkchief34

Every journey begins and ends with a single step...for three Guardians of the Light...their journey has just begun...Destiny 2 crossover.

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Chapter 3-Arrival at Dawn

As the Silverback Nova flew through the stars at incredible speeds, all was quiet aboard the vessel. The Ghosts of each Guardian aboard were monitoring the ship's systems, and both James and Anubis were asleep in the bunk room.

That let Rainea to sit in the Pilot's chair, writing in an old leather notebook emblazoned with an eagle paired with the Warlock's sigil. She had paid a fair amount of Glimmer to have it custom-made in the City, and so far, it had endured countless missions in the pocket of the Awoken female.

As she wrote in the journal with an old ballpoint pen made from oak wood, her handwriting was precise and neat.

Storm told me earlier that it should be two more hours until we reach our destination. From what my Ghost could tell me, the Warmind Harrison should be expecting us, apart from whatever lives on this world with him.

However, I still have lingering fears within me. Part of me is still unsure over what to expect on our own front from our arrival. Will the local inhabitants be friendly? Reclusive? Open? I cannot be sure. James, before he and Anubis retired, were placing ever-increasing bets on what hostile race we would encounter first. Anubis was certain it would be the Vex. James, on the other hand, adamant for the Cabal.

I don't care to partake in such games, but the nature of how my fellow Guardians took bets on what would try to kill us is...amusing. If I had to join them, I would say it would be the Fallen. They're rather widespread throughout the Sol System, and having an unknown House greet us on arrival wouldn't be surprising.

Alas, I digress. Personally, I hope nothing there attempts to kill us in the first place. Us Guardians have faced many threats to the Light and ended just as many. However, there is still the ominous question of what else could be out there, waiting for us...


The Warlock turned to see Anubis come into the cockpit, his usual helmet absent. As he sat down next to Rainea, his black frame and green eyes looked over at Rainea's journal, which she soon slid into her Robes.

"You're still writing in that?" he asked.

"Yes, I find it soothing." she countered. "I like the scent of paper and ink over that of a holopad."

"Well, to each their own." Anubis shrugged. "Anyway, Dusty says we should be arriving in thirty minutes. I've already prepped for our arrival."

"How so?"

Polished and repaired my armor, cleaned my Auto Rifle, the works." Anubis smiled. "I want to make a good impression."

"Of your fist in the thing that tries to kill us first?" Rainea joked.

Anubis rolled his optics and groaned.

"I swear, Rainea, your jokes are the worst."

"Says you. It pays to have a sense of humor." Rainea laughed. At that moment, James came in with Evs floating beside him.

"Well, Guardians, we made it." he said simply. "Let's head on down, shall we?"

Anubis got up and helped Rainea to her feet. The three of them headed for the lower well deck, Rainea and James retrieving a Scout and Pulse Rifle from the vault. As they sat down in three small chairs, the Silverback Nova dipped into a steep dive towards the planet below.

Equestria, Everfree Forest
Warmind Vault

As Harrison's power core came to life in a burst of blue light, his systems came online to a strange message in his servers.

"Well, it seems the Guardians have arrived." Harrison mused. "Projected destination is "Ponyville", in a period of about six minutes. I must alert Princess Twilight immediately."

Activating his communications functions, he sent a digital message to a datapad he had given Twilight. Though the datapad had a wide variety of functions, Harrison had restricted it to communication and archival purposes. Though he meant well, it was to keep the ever-curious Princess out of dangerous sections of his network.

Harrison sent the message and bellowed a mechanical sigh of exhaustion. He had been reviewing broadcasts from his fellow Warminds, and so far, none of them were good. The Warminds of Mars, Venus, and many other colonies had gone silent, destroyed or still in dormancy from the wars of old.

There was one broadcast that stood out in particular. It was only from a few days ago, and somehow Harrison had not noticed it. It was from Rasputin's central core on Mars, and it consisted of a few simple words.

She's come back, at last.

Harrison didn't need to expend much of his system's power to know who Rasputin was talking about. The last of the Bray family and Rasputin's creators, Anastasia Bray. She had been adventuring throughout the Sol System, but now she had apparently returned to Hellas Basin and Clovis Bray to set up a research base.

"Ah, Miss Bray, it must be nice to return home after so long." Harrison said. "I send my greetings, and the knowledge there is still another Warmind out there to aid you."

Ponyville, Castle of Friendship

Twilight Sparkle blinked her eyes open from slumber and unfurled her hooves from on top of her Datapad. As she yawned and stretched, unfurling her wings, her eyes looked over the screen of the device with a weary contentment.

After leaving Harrison's vault and receiving the device, she had spent most of the remaining night reading whatever she could from Harrison's expansive archives. Much of it astounded Twilight, so much she stayed awake for another hour to process it all.

Then, the screen showed a small notification, bearing a message. Twilight tapped it with her right hoof, and read the incoming message.

Princess, the Guardians will be landing on this world in four minutes, thirty-two seconds exactly. I advise preparing for their arrival.


Twilight didn't need to be told twice. As she tore out of her room at breakneck speed and headed to the bathroom to freshen up, Spike lazily walked out of his room and yawned.

"Morning..." he started to say, then rendered speechless by the sight of Twilight attempting to brush her teeth, comb her mane and tail, and wash her face...

...All at the same time.

"...Twilight." Spike finished. "What's the matter?"

"The Guardians that Harrison said were coming should be here any moment now!" Twilight said, finishing up with her personal hygiene. "Come on, let's go!"

Before Spike could protest, he had been swept up into Twilight's back and flown outside to the backyard.

"Twilight, please slow down!" Spike whimpered, holding on for dear life. "It'll be fine, just take it easy!"

"It won't be fine if we're late!" Twilight retorted, skidding to a stop in midair. "The first extraterrestrial visitors to Equestria are coming, and you want me to slow down?"

As Spike, now slightly nauseous, hopped to the ground, Twilight scanned the sky through the morning mist. Slowly, but surely, the form of a dagger-like spaceship appeared in the sky and descended towards the ground.

"Here they are!" Twilight said with glee. "Spike? You okay?"

"No." Spike replied, his cheeks now green. "I'll be right back."

Before Twilight could protest, Spike had sped inside to search for a garbage bin. As the ship landed, Twilight stood, as presentable as she could manage. A ramp lowered, the mist cleared, and three bipedal figures walked down before Twilight.

One wore long robes with an armband, another was wearing vestments with a ground-length cape, the last one wore heavy-looking armor and a waist-sash. They approached tentatively, the robed one taking the lead.

"Welcome to Equestria, Guardians. I'm..." Twilight said, only to be interrupted by the clanging of a garbage can being emptied.

"...Princess Twilight Sparkle." she finished. "Please excuse the noise, my number-one-assistant felt a bit...unsteady."

The robed one laughed lightly.

"It's not a problem." She said in a voice that reminded Twilight of Princess Luna. "Not exactly one of the stranger welcomes we've had."

She chuckled, and removed her helmet, revealing a figure with a pale blue skin and gray eyes, with wispy white hair tied back into a short ponytail.

"Greetings, Princess." she said. "I'm Rainea Thoren, Warlock and Guardian of the Last City. My companions are Hunter James Mendoza, the cloaked one, and Titan Anubis-3, the one in armor."

The others removed their helmets at that. James was shaped like Rainea, only his skin was a pale tan with green eyes, apart from messy black hair and a stubble beard. What astounded Twilight more was the one called Anubis-3. His face was made from gleaming metal colored black, with green eyes. The face of some kind of animal lay on his forehead and nose, and between the ears of said design was a metal ridge.

"My pleasure, Guardians." Twilight said. "Shall we take this inside? It's rather cold this morning."

"Sure." James said, shoulder a long, metal object marked with a V-shaped symbol. "Lead the way."

As the four of them headed inside Twilight's castle, Rainea had to admire that the entire place was made of a radiant blue crystal.

"Well, make yourselves at home." Twilight said, seating them on several comfortable chairs in the living room. "I'll go find Spike, hopefully he's okay by now."

"Go right ahead." James said. "We have a few things to talk about in private, anyway."

Twilight headed out, and the fireteam began to relax, James stretching his arms out with a satisfied groan.

"Tired?" Rainea asked.

"Eh, I'm fine." James answered. "So, any thoughts so far?"

"As far as we've gone, I think this should be pleasant." Anubis said. "I mean, we weren't shot at when we arrived. That has to count for something."

"Agreed." Rainea mused. "But I think it is only a matter of time before something does oppose us. We must be ready for such a moment."

"Agreed." James nodded. "Until then, safeties on and weapons low, but if we need to use the Light to defend ourselves, no holding back."

The Guardians nodded to each other as Twilight returned with a small, scaled being by her side.

"You're the number-one-assistant we've heard so much about?" James asked.

"Yep, I'm Spike the dragon." he said proudly. "Nice to meet you."

"Dragon?" Rainea said. "Fascinating."

"Why's that?" Twilight asked.

"We'll tell you later." Rainea replied quickly. "Anyway, what do you wish to know?"

As Twilight and Spike sat themselves down, the mist began to evaporate with the rising sun in the distance.

Author's Note:

Remastered chapter! Hopefully with more meat to it and better dialogue. I hope you enjoy!

Next time-The Element Bearers meet the Guardians, and that means a party.

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