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Destiny: Spark of Hope - Mkchief34

Every journey begins and ends with a single step...for three Guardians of the Light...their journey has just begun...Destiny 2 crossover.

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Chapter 2-Warmind Archives

As Twilight and her friends listened, all spellbound, to Harrison's recounting of human history, Twilight had already magically summoned three journals packed with paper and filled two of them.

"So, this Traveler…" she asked. "Where did it come from?"

"Unknown." Harrison replied. "Contact was made by the Aries 3 expedition, and the Golden Age soon began. Human lifespans tripled, countless advancements were made, countless worlds were colonized because of the Traveler's gifts."

"I wish I could see them now." Twilight said. "I wonder what I can learn at this Clovis Bray…"


"What?" Twilight asked the Warmind. "What do you mean, could've?"

"Clovis Bray on Mars, and the city of Freehold are now buried beneath the sands, ravaged by time." Harrison said. "Our Golden Age did not last. A malevolent force known as the Darkness came...and brought about the Collapse."

"What happened?" Applejack asked.

"This Darkness manifested themselves in four extraterrestrial species. They are known as the Fallen, the Vex, the Cabal, and the Hive. Each of them came to the Sol System and brought about death and destruction on a system-wide scale. Clovis Bray was looted and now patrolled by the Cabal, and the Ishtar Collective absorbed by the Vex"

That made everypony gasp.

"When did this happen?" Fluttershy said, shocked.

"Nearly a century ago, if not more." Harrison replied. "The Traveler ensured Humanity's survival. It gathered the remnants of the Human Race into one Last City. There, it sent out countless numbers of its creations, the Ghosts, to find those who were worthy. All who received a Ghost were reforged in the Traveler's Light, and became known as Guardians."

"Wow." Rainbow said. "Can I become one? They sound awesome!"

"No." Harrison said. "The records I have state that Guardians were brought back from the dead, and their memories of their past life or lives were wiped."

"Wait, what?" Twilight asked. "You can't bring something back from the dead! That's necromancy, and illegal here in Equestria for centuries!"

Harrison laughed again.

"The Traveler and its Ghosts did." the Warmind replied. "It was done through the Light, not the magic your kind uses. There are countless numbers of them, and they are regarded as the protectors of Humanity, and defenders of the Light."

"But how?" Twilight asked. "The process of reanimating…"

"Is not known, even to me." Harrison replied. "Only the Ghosts can do it, and they can only bring one person back as their Guardian. Also, they have their limits. If a Guardian's ghost is destroyed, and the Guardian is slain in battle, the Guardian dies for good."

Twilight looked away, still nervous.

"It still sounds a lot like necromancy." she said.

"That may be so, but it is not." Harrison said. "Moving on, these Guardians have performed feats that place them among legends. From fighting the battles of Six Fronts and Twilight Gap, to ending many leaders of the Darkness, they are truly powerful beyond all limits."

"I know of three Guardians in particular." Harrison said. "Warmind Rasputin told me they are the only Guardians that he trusts with his secrets. And Rasputin does not trust any other Guardians, at least not yet."

"Who are they?" Rarity asked.

"Their names are Anubis-3, Rainea Thoren, and James Mendoza." Harrison said. "They have performed deeds even Rasputin respects. From slaying the Heart of the Vex Black Garden, ending two Hive Gods, stopping the Wolf Rebellion, and beginning the Age of Triumph...they are known as Heroes of the City."

"Now there's beings I want to meet!" Rainbow said. "Do you know when they'll get here?"

"Unknown." Harrison said. "And do calm your expectations, Rainbow Dash. These Guardians may not be the ones who arrive."

"Right…" Rainbow said. "What now?"

"I will send you back to your settlement while I administer to my systems." Harrison said. "The elevator on your left will return you to the surface. I an open for future conferences with your leadership."

"Thanks, Harrison." Twilight said. "Lets' go!"

As the six of them entered and ascended on the elevator, Harrison's glowing core dimmed, entering standby mode.


"You want WHAT kind of ship?"

The Tower Hangar ceased moving as they stared at Amanda Holliday, who was speaking with three Guardians.

"Amanda, we've received a Vanguard mission that will take us beyond the system." Anubis said. "We can't make it out there in our jumpships, so we need one that can. Do you have one, Amanda?"

Amanda sighed and looked at the Titan with slight ire.

"I've got one, but it's never been flown." she said. "In fact, I've only just started giving it a coat of paint. Come with me."

As the three Guardians followed the Shipwright to a smaller hangar, they stopped at the sight of a large ship, twice as large as their standard jumpships. The body was of a Phaeton Jumpship, with massive wings and six engines. With a massive, blocky middle with streamlined edges, it was certainly impressive.

"I call it the Silverback Nova." Amanda said. "It fits up to six Guardians, with all necessary facilities on board. Dedicated engine room and internal power plant, crew quarters, armory, the works. Necessary schematics are also on board."

"Is it ready?" James asked.

"Just barely." Amanda said. "Let me finish a few things, then she'll be capable. Your Ghosts can handle the engines, but you'll need a dedicated pilot, operator, and navigator on board."

"We can handle that." Rainea said. "We'll check in later, Holliday. The Speaker needs us."

"Go on ahead, I won't keep you." Holliday said. As the Guardians headed to Tower North, Anubis smiled as they were greeted by the Speaker.

"I have prepared a few things to aid you, Guardians." the Speaker said. "Take this."

He handed Anubis an orb similar to the Traveler, glowing white.

"This Mantle will sustain your Light when you leave the System, and the Traveler's embrace." the Speaker said. "Next, something to keep you occupied."

The Speaker handed each Guardian two small orbs, pulsing with Light.

"Seeds of Light." the Speaker said. "They contain knowledge of new powers, for use in your journey."

"Finally, there is this."

The Speaker gave Rainea a scroll, marked with a seal unknown to them.

"The Greetings of the Consensus." the Speaker finished. "Go and venture beyond. Be brave, and may the Light be with you."

"Thank you, Speaker." James said as they departed back to the Hangar. "New powers, eh? What's better than my Golden Gun?"

"I'm not sure." Rainea said. "Whatever they are, I'm eager to try them out."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves." Anubis cautioned. "We haven't even made it out of the city."

As they entered the Hangar, Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde greeted them.

"You're all clear, Guardians." Zavala said. "Good luck, and godspeed."

The three Guardians thanked the Vanguard and boarded the Silverback Nova, Anubis took the pilot's seat.

"Everything ready?" he asked over the radio.

"It's packed to bursting with supplies and munitions, so you tell me." Holliday said as Rainea placed the Traveler's Mantle on a pedestal. "I've packed in your Sparrows, as well as backup parts in case of repairs."

"Thanks, Amanda." James said. "We all set?"

"Punch it." Anubis told his Ghost, Dusty.

"You got it." Dusty replied. "Evs, Storm, you good?"

"We're fine." James and Rainea's Ghosts replied. "Full speed ahead."

As Anubis nodded, he pinned the throttle. The Silverback Nova shot out of the Hangar into Earth's orbit, and towards the edge of the system.

Author's Note:

Yep, update!

Next time-The Guardians arrvive on Equis, and the Warmind greets them.

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