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A man with a normal life is reborn as Sombra.

Chapters (5)
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Comment posted by Replica Knight deleted July 31st

Yeah the next chapter in longer this was just to wrap it up quick , thanks for the advice :heart:

It's cool. Lots of people do this but they improved in later chapters. I am looking forward on reading this.

Honestly the first few lines from god made my mind imagine the voice as a valley girl or a really flamboyant guy....like flamingly flamboyant. It's now stuck in my mind as such.

I'm still laughing curse you

I am liking this so far. Liked and Fav

Thanks I’m glad you liked it

It hasn’t quite grabbed me (yet), but I still find a certain charm in these stories where the reason someone gets stuck in Equestria is for no reason at all, other than whoever stuck them there is an asshole.

Interesting premise, but feels rushed.

Heh I like the idea. Hopefully there will be a funny way to introduce the Mane Six to this situation. I mean, I am not sure if this happens after or before Twilight arrives at the Crystal Empire. Since they said that he attacked the two yesterday, could just mean that he was attacking them before Twilight arrived, and thus that episode hasn't even started.

Hehehe the sight of Celestia, Luna and Twilight's faces when they hear that the next Great Evil, surrendered before Twilight even arrived is making me laugh.

Gods I really need to make some more humour in my own story, my last chapter was an 80k track of war, blood and tense emotional drama. Need to add some joy on the next one I wager.

reminds me of a old story where a guy end up in sombras body thinks he dreaming and antics ensues so i follow see where this goes

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*screech of confusion and hilarity*

Well that was amusing

Comment posted by Mix-up deleted Oct 24th, 2018

I’m half way done for the next chapter.

And don’t forget to buy you assflavored lollipop in your closest grocery store :trollestia:

This story pleases me in a way that only ass flavored lollipops can

The business is growing! ass flavored lollipops for everyone

Still working on that. Details

Comment posted by Death is disturbed deleted Oct 24th, 2018

I think you should expand; princess ponut 🍭, rainbow ponut 🍭... Think big

go simple just name the business taste like ass

And people wonder why he's worshipped

You know, they, scientists I mean, are developing a means to examine the subsonic vibrations coming from certain parts of our universe. Could this be the voice of God?

Yup... and its exactly like you'd think it be singing exactly what you know he would be..:trollestia:

Ok this has my attention. I am curious to see where you go with this. ^_^

I need more of this please.

I'm half way done on the next chapter, :trollestia:

Good to know, the blunt humor, that's how I view it, is fuckin great!

P. D: The bears no longer exist, today is a day to celebrate!


... Why do I want him to stab a sandwich onto Celestia's horn?

cause is the right thing to do

Hahah , I’m glad you like it :moustache:

"I doubt it! Just give me five minutes with him," exclaimed Rainbow, ruffling her feathers.

I doubt he'd last that long.

Great chapter and can't wait for the next one :)

hahah, thanks!. let me know if you like the next chapter ESCAPE

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