• Published 23rd Oct 2018
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Ex-King - SleepyBear

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Escape - E

After eating twelve sandwiches, Sombra was satisfied, so he decided to see how the festival was going, although Celestia forbade him to leave the castle, he was bored, and he did not want to wait for the girls while sitting and doing nothing.

So he decided to lie to the guards, telling them, that he would go to the bathroom, when the guards tried to follow him to the bathroom, he told them he was going to do the number two. The guards decided to wait for him outside the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, Sombra took the opportunity and opened the window. With luck, he chose the bathroom on the first floor. Otherwise, escaping would be impossible.

"Ok, let's see how is this festival in person." whispered Sombra to himself

Once outside, with his escape being a success, Sombra decided to start walking through the empire, while remaining hidden, the last thing he wanted was to be pursued by thousands of ponies who hated him.

After walking for half an hour, Sombra noticed how the ponies changed little by little, he remembered, that in the show the same thing happened.

"I'd better return if the residents of the empire see me before the ceremony begins ..." At that moment, Sombra realized something; he remembered that in the show, Sombra died when the ceremony was completed.

"Oh hell no !, I forgot about that !. ok, ok, ok, ok, everything is fine." in panic, Sombra was thinking how to get out of the empire.

"Maybe nothing will happen to me, I do not think God...Flashbacks of god saying." I blow up your house and body." yes, I better get out of here."with that Sombra began to gallop as quickly as possible.

While galloping, Sombra heard a very peculiar scream, yet familiar. "SOMBRA !!! THY SHALL BEG FOR FORGIVENESS!"

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!" galloping Sombra, went inside the first house he found, looking for anything to hide his appearance, Sombra decided to remove his armor and to use a curtain on himself as a disguise.

Once disguised, Sombra left the house, beginning to gallop with a destination, out of this shit.

While galloping, he remembered the trout of ice that awaited him outside, and without a map to guide himself.

"Ok, I need a map, but where?" At that moment Sombra saw a pony on a shelf that said, customer service. "How convenient.."

"Hey, excuse me, would you give me a map of those?" said Sombra, pointing to the maps.

"What maps?" the pony responded, Sombra remembered, that the ponies did not remember anything.

"Stupid collective amnesia." with that, Sombra grabbed a map and continued galloping.

Once at the border, Sombra saw about three hundred feet, two guards, deciding that it would be better to have a destination than to continue galloping like crazy, Sombra opened his map.

"Ok, let's see ... the closest places are Yakyakistan and Vanhoover, well, my decision is obvious, Yakyakistan is worse than dying in prison." with that Sombra decided to walk out across the border, he thought that if they saw him with his disguise, they would leave him for no problem.

"Halt, the princesses gave the order not to let anyone out." exclaimed the Pegasus guard.

"Oh, I understand, sir, but I have to pick up something important for the festival." Sombra tried to convince them with a lie.

"Orders are orders!, but now that I think about it, you look suspicious!" the Pegasus guard exclaimed, "Take off your robe!"

With that, Sombra decided to use brute force to get out, hitting the Pegasus with great power and throwing a beam of magic at the unicorn before he could react, knocking them both out.

"Why didn't I open with that?, I knew I was gonna do it." Sombra muttered to himself while galloping out of the empire.

Meanwhile, in the castle. Celestia and Luna were arguing, while Shining organized a search patrol.

"I told you! He was waiting for the moment to escape! And betray us." exclaimed Luna looking at her sister.

"I do not understand, why did he gave himself up? Why did he give us the crystal heart? if he was going to escape." Celestia said, looking at Luna.

"It does not matter! We gave him the opportunity to pay for his sins, and he spit on us, now he will feel our FURY!" exclaimed Luna.

"Princesses, I'm going to guide a search in the empire, Twilight and the girls will continue with the festival," Shining said, looking at the princesses.

"Good, if you get any information about Sombra, notify us immediately," said Celestia

Two hours later, Sombra was on his way to Vanhoover; if he managed to get there without anyone stopping him, he could hide forever, no one besides the princesses, Shining, the main six and the entire empire knew how he looked.

"Ok ... if this map is correct, I should get to Vanhoover tomorrow." said Sombra, trembling from the cold.

God wants to Facetime with you

"What in the?" exclaimed Sombra.

"Hey, how are you, I love the development you've taken !, it's beautiful !, so beautiful that I've decided to give you a gift !, Yes, I know, I'm the best of the best," said God via the call.

New Gift Acquired - GPS EQUESTRIA Version by God Enterprises.

"I usually hate you, I mean, I still hate you, but thanks for the gift." replied Sombra "And exactly how does it work?"

"Well my dear Neanderthal!, it's simple, you just look at a map, your mind memorizes it, and with magic you'll always know where you are!, The spell is already, in your mind, well I gotta go, it's time for brunch" said God ending the call.

After being five minutes thinking about what happened, Sombra decided to try his new superpower.

"GPS ACTIVATE ?, God said that I should look at a map so that my mind memorizes it." with that Sombra began to look at his map and within seconds, a light shone for a second.

"Hahaha, I did it, now let's see where am I." with that Sombra concentrated on seeing his location and at that moment he heard a voice on his mind, Vanhoover distance two hundred miles, please make a U-TURN..now!.

"What !, but according to the map I should ... I've been heading to Yakyakistan... SHIT!" exclaimed Sombra

With that Sombra, began to turn around, with now a GPS on his mind, in the direction to Vanhoover, while he hated himself for not having taken the right path in the first place.

Meanwhile, in the castle, Shining had just arrived. Luna, Celestia, and Cadence were arguing and trying to figure out what plans Sombra had.

"Princesses, two guards on the northern border were knocked out, the guards are fine, but they said that the pony that attacked them didn't look like Sombra, it had no armor, only a tunic," exclaimed Shining.

"You see, not a day has passed, and he's already attacking us," exclaimed Luna looking at her sister.

"Most likely he is planning to stop the festival, we must protect the crystal heart!" said Shining "I already have a platoon around the crystal heart!"

"Probably, in an hour, the crystalling will be completed; meanwhile, we will not move from here, later we will take care of Sombra!" Celestia said calmly.

Author's Note:

The princesses are mad, Sombra's dick is almost a Popsicle right now, and Pinkie is eating a lot of OFFENSE. FIND out what happens in the next chapter

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