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I never make mistakes. I thought I'd made one once, but I was wrong.


It has been five years since Emergence. Since then, Bureaus have been opening around the world, and many are embracing the offer of survival that is ponification. The United States is still the center of the cooperative efforts to refine the serum that allows a human to walk in as a member of Homo sapiens and walk out as Equus equestriani. But a menace dismissed as an isolated incident is marshalling its might, and its eyes are turned toward the city that stands as the foremost center of the research effort. St Louis fell asleep to peace, and will awaken to thunder and fire.

Set in the Cloudyverse. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright to Hasbro and all other relevant owners. All original characters copyright to their respective owners.

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Bucking awesome :pinkiehappy:
One typo I picked up: 'Bit-ton’ sounds awful. and a snaffle is a kind of bit.'
Oh, and you spelt offer as 'offeer' in the summary. Please excuse the foolish ramblings of a humble grammar nazi :S
Keep up the good work! And the typography is excellent! :twilightblush:

Better than mine so Id like to see more.

WTF?!?!?! :pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh::twilightoops::applejackconfused::derpyderp1:

Honestly, Cloudy, I'm not sure wether I want this to be true or not. Aegis is Cloudhammer's son?! Probably not, but still. That is one Hell of a way to hook an audience! Can't wait to read on!

This is the single greatest of all time.

"Amy Getton"
That's just an "r" away from mass destruction...

In any case, I'm definitely going to have to go back and read your other work. I get the feeling that there's a lot here that I'm missing.

I just hope this doesn't turn misanthropic on us, I hate those stories.

i came here because i live near st. louis and i might have to kill you if something happens to Busch Stadium.

Oh wow, I really want Aegis to be Cloudhammer's son, because that would be bucking hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:


As a Cubs fan, I would be perfectly fine if something happened to Busch Stadium.

I don't understand why it has so many downvotes.

I wouldn't get your hopes up judging from the title.

1018028 TCB fics often get downvotes because they're often acquired tastes :ajbemused:

As a native to Missouri, Ponies wouldn't stand a chance in East St.Louis.

1018033 Yeah, something tells me this is going to turn into a: "Humans are bad, and need to be fixed," Type of story.

That's a bit of an "oops" situation right there.

Most of the entertainment in a TCB fic is watching the like bar race the dislike bar :moustache:

Somee people dislike misanthopic TCB stories. Some people dislike non-misanthropic TCB stories. Some people dislike TCB on principle.

I have yet to see if this is a misanthropic story, but I have a bad feeling.

Good thing East St. Louis is the paragon of friendship and harmony! Missouri is truly the shining example of a competant, efficient state government.

I bet the Arch collapses before the story's over. I am calling it now. Some of the pegasi will probably fly through it at some point, too.

I found this hilarious...

Nimby is not going to be happy with Flare.

1018340 Precisely, 'tis but a matter of taste. Although I wash some of the Anti-TCB Internet Warriors would not downvote grammatically proper, well written (in principle, not taste) out of habit. If there's nothing wrong with the story, but the reader dislikes it out of principle, I think the vote should be neutral. But that's just this pony's two bits :moustache:

You're trying too hard on the story summary. It feels really superficial and derivative of every other writer trying to make their summary feel "cool."

Wait and see, I'd say. Ole Cloudy has a way of surprising us...

Hah, i pointed out the same thing....


It's just the TCB Downvote Brigade doin' their thang.

As the one running NaPo... I'm going to keep a close eye on this :3

Every moment of this was made of win. I loved the name of the club, the bit about Aegis at the end was priceless, and now I don't want there to be a massacre, because I like these guys.

Oh... it may be deliberate, and that's cool, but traditionally section dividers were centered in books.


A flying start to the story, keep it up, man.

I love how dressclubs have been catching on. Now all I need is sack ponies and McDrunk...

Anyways, I loved this and I was wondering when this ball would drop. You've been talking about it forever.

1017944 fighting...urge....not....to....start...cubs vs. cards.....war

1017743 Wait, we can milk more puns from this!
Amy Getton outta here
Amy not Getton any
and of course the fore mentioned Army Getton

Come on, what other ones can we think up?

“Still not sure where the idea originally came from"
I wish you could see my face right now.

Though I can't yet give a balanced opinion. Somebody could say all you have here is just a dragging bar scene, that the only redeeming thing is the characters since we're familiar with them. But that's just a rumour I heard...

Not that this isn't a good read, but just for once I'd like to see a story where the role of aggressor is played by the ponies. "Humans are assholes" is becoming a bit of a tired trope.

1038696 The pony assholes are coming... when something is as nice as the ponies are, you need a suitably horrifying thing to push them over that edge. That thing is coming in the next chapter.


At last! That's a side that has yet to be explored in TCB fics, and frankly I'm glad it's you taking the plunge.

Oh god there's a daycare center. :fluttercry:

I moved to Oklahoma less than a year before the bombing here in '95, I have a feeling this story might hit kinda hard what with the Package there at the end.

Ouch, there are few things more worrying and scary than somebody who is determined to do what they think is right even in the face of logic telling them it's wrong.

...and oh boy, a daycare. :fluttercry:

1038905 if he get's the r63 batch he'll become Bruce Filly-us.

Yeah, I was wondering if that gang was going to get involved, both of them it looks like. And one of the daycare centers bites it. :fluttercry:

God I can't wait for these bastards to start taking some casualties of their own. Preferably 100% casualties.

Police unit 7-3 is best unit.

Very brutal. You have a knack for setting up and drawing us into catastrophes.

This is a clusterfuck of unimaginable proportions. Congratulations, this guy must be a Bane-level magnificent bastard to pull this off.

Shit is SO REAL!

I'm envious of your ability to build tension. This chapter has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next.

Ruby swallowed nervously. “Your Majesty, General Cloudhammer and Captain Exemplar... are in St Louis now. Captain Flare was having his bachelor party yesterday.”

Luna’s expression darkened further. “Then who is the ranking earth pony guard in the city right now?”

Uh oh. I...Might have a Princess unhappy with me...Sure hope Sledgepetal's ready for this.

Calling it right now, Curtis is the HLF mole.

Ooooo, PER retaliation with serum weapon weapons, I may have to take back my comment last chapter about wanting 100% casualties for the HLF forces, turning these guys into ponies is far more deliciously evil. But Knight, Grand Knight? Not the best terminology.

I'm rooting for the HLF. The whole concept of TCB stories generally makes me want to puke, so seeing it blow up in their faces is quite satisfying. Let the prismatic equestrian shits hit the floor, and by that I mean die due to excessive use of force.

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