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Killua failed his mission on the dark continent, death was his final destination, but Alluka had other plans, will Killua be able to adapt himself to the peaceful Equestria? , or will it end up the same as before?

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the way you phrase that makes me think you dont understand killua that well...he can be cold and calculateing yes but he is still a good kid, out of his entire family hes the closest thing to heroic in the lot, if 'any' charicter from hunter x hunter would find an easy time of it in equestria it would be him...honestly i would think his only issue would be his sadness that he would never see gon or his other friends again.

Gon on the other hoof....would go batshit mad with boredom inside a week.

He first need to see if equestria is nice and safe place and second he's just annoyed he’s not a bipedal creature. Right now he’s only gathering information like a good Assassin and hunter , killua rarely warm ups immediately, Gon being the exception.

He will warm up to equestria eventually

... Is this a rewrite or a reboot? I honestly can't remember what this was before, but i do remember liking it. Can we look forward to more chapters?

just read the chapter, Nice start! can't wait for more. Speaking of, how often do you plan on updating this?

Is a rewrite same plot , one - two chapters a week

the old chapters had too many errors, so I decided to start the fic from scratch but putting more effort into the material I release.

Awesome! I love stories that update on the regular! Good Luck and have fun with it!

Technically killua wasn't a hunter his brother fucked up his entry exam and got him disqualified unless that was corrected at some point and I just forgot it's been a year since I watched the anime

So exicted to see this story getting worked on again! I look forward to reading more!!!

Yeah in the continuation he got his hunter license, so yeah. So he’s a hunter

Here is the second chapter, love y’all :ajsmug:

Question Why do Redio your story?

Too many errors in the chapters , and was easier to redo the history with higher quality chapters, the old chapters were unfixable , so now I’m releasing higher quality chapters.

You could say the reason in I wanted to this is to release higher quality stuff.

Before the redo this had 5 chapters so I will try to release 5 chapters fast, the. After that 1 or 2 chapters a week

New chapter up mah friend.

Exclamation: F#CK OFF PINKIE!

I'm very excited to learn that this story is getting a rewrite! :yay:

:eeyup: Beautiful file!

Wow, I loved the first version, but I like this new one ever so slightly better. Though to be honest, I kind of like the original beginning better (except the name change), though I disliked the later chapters after the original two. Kill was too OOC, but I loved the rivalry between Scoots and Kill. I hope you keep it.

Yeah I made some changes, he didn’t appear in canterlot and stuff like that but the rest will be the same.

I understand that, I just thought that it flowed a little better, and by the way. On the new second chapter I noticed something, Kill tried to run away multiple times. With pinkie the Killua I knew would have dodged and counter attacked. With AJ and Big Mac he would have acted more arrogant, tossed an apple core at them, then ran while yelling something rude and/or sarcastic. With Twi he would have done the same thing at the library, but would have tried (probably successfully) to break her magical grip on him. (Just my opinion)

I still love your style, Kill seems a bit OOC. Dont change anything if you don't want to, because this is your story.

oh he's the same killua, but right now he doesn't have full control over his new body, he's playing safe right now.

once he gets full control over his body, some stuff will change.

he's just preventing fights he may not win, but give him a day or two in his new body, and he will be the cute assassin we all love

Ahh... that makes sense.


right now I'm editing the third chapter

Question, will Nen/Ren/Ten/etc. Have anything to do in this story? It seems like his enhancer abilities are unseen most of the time, even more so than his assassination abilities.

Yes, Nen will play an important role in the fic, see this Equestria has many differences from the one in the show, and killua will need all the tools he has to survive, and yes I have some ideas about his enhancer skills.

so yeah to answer yer question YEPPERONI :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by SleepyBear deleted Jul 21st, 2019

What did you just delete?

A comment I made , to be precise a copy , I send the comment twice.

Ahh. That happened to me before for a whole week, it was glitching out, but it stopped.

Hk-47: Statement: I believe this meat-bag is trying to imitate me...may i dismantle it master?
Jedi: Come now HK, you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery there's no cause to get upset.
HK-47: Argumentative: you would not say such if it was you they were emulating master.

Exclamation: BITCH I WAS AROUND AT 1947!
Informative: This Unit is a Tech Priest, And is probably older than your programer.

“I can't let you go, a helpless colt can't live alone, you'll have to stay in the orphanage, and you have no choice, young man.”


...if my body was similar to that of the ponies of my world that meant that now I was a vegetarian...

Technically horses are omnivorous, just with a high herbivourous tendency.
The mongolianse mixed blood into the fodder, in Iceland they get salted fish in winter, and there are many cases were they are seen killing and eating small animals.

So Killua could get suprised about the contant on his plate.

Oh come on! Why aren't you updating yet!?

Lack of editor mostly I have a lot of chapters ready, I guess I could post unedited chapters though

Comment posted by Metaldark deleted February 27th
Comment posted by Metaldark deleted February 27th
Comment posted by Metaldark deleted February 27th

Aw man sucks this ended this seemed like a really cool idea

I’m gonna start posting soon, just more focused on the Royal Gamer

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