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The Great and Powerful Trixie has had a longstanding and not entirely one sided rivalry with the magical duo Magic Penn and Fortune Teller, who take every opportunity to rub her nose in the fact that they're well known and successful with headline shows, and she's a traveling performer.

Trixie has been invited to perform at the Millenial celebration of one of Starswirl the Bearded's greatest achievements, and they're well set to reduce her to a one line note in the society pages with their Canterlot Royal Playhouse performance the same night. What's worse, Twilight is involved in the Starswirl celebration, and she knows one of Trixie's darkest secrets. Now it's Twilight Trixie has to please to get a chance at, if not fame and fortune, at least honor and pride. Some Twi x Trixie.

Written for a 30 minute challenge. Okay, okay, so it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes, but is that really a reason to make a Nugar Rule setting word limits on 30 minute challenges? You know you're awesome when people make up entirely new rules simply to prevent you from doing that thing you just did.

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I think this was very well done.
You are indeed awesome when people make up rules to demeanor said awesomeness.
I know how you feel :moustache:

For a time constraint, I still found it very fun to read. Perhaps if inspiration strikes you, you can expand upon it sometime down the line.

Possibly a more realistic take on what would happen if Trixie were to return. Except for the romance, of course. I also liked the contrast of the more emotional fulfilling act as compared to the pomp and circumstance of Trixie's rivals.

I enjoyed it! Good job!

Sweet! I'm glad to see this here on FiMFiction.

Love it... have my thumb and gold star.

It's nice to see Trixie portrayed as, well, "not an arse", without the usual several-thousand-words of angst regarding some dark past that made her the way she is. Your treatment of Trixie still fits in with the show's canon, whilst making her seem far more rounded and multi-dimensional than the ol' "Trixie was mean because of her childhood/past/former partner/bad taco, but now thanks to the power of love, she's GOOD!"

Particularly good for a challenge fic, too.

"You may have performed for a larger audience, but Trixie still got more groupies."
Oh god why did I say that

It's always nice to see Trixie act like a competent performer who can actually perform her actual profession. And it's nice to see the others give her a little respect for it.

I also loved the bit about her not recognizing Twilight at first. Need to borrow that sometime.

I've seen better but parts of this legitimately made me smile and for a 30 minute piece it's excellent. Thumbs up.

sequel please!

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