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Written for a 30 minute challenge about ponies who have secret skills nopony would expect. It took me about 45 to write this, which is a bit over the limit, I admit. Just a cute little slice of life thing, where the mane six talk about their minor talents at a get together at the Library.

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If it weren't so early in the morning, I'd have laughed until I cried at that ending. :yay:

Pinkie and giving too much information go together well.

I am okay with this.

Now I wanna know what the other super secret "not what my cutie mark is telling me" talents are for some of the other ponies! :raritycry:

(You want some cheese with that whine?) :ajbemused:

Fluttershy is secretly a ninja. Now added to my list of one-shots to make over Christmas break!

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